Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself. Purchasing a bottle of Moet Grand Vintage Rosé 2008 is a surefire way to do just that. The name alone absolutely purrs with luxury, instantly transporting us to a rooftop party beneath the stars, where tiny and intricate hors d’oeuvres are served and members of the aristocracy plan to misbehave.

Moet is the epitome of luxury. But it doesn’t need to annihilate the bank. At an average price of $89, it may be time for you to admit that you deserve this bottle.

The thing that sets Moet apart from other name-brand Champagne houses is the quality in the bottle. Consistency in Champagne is key, and many houses do produce steadily consistent wines. But the quality of Moet is just a bit more luxurious. The wines are refined and elegant, complex yet balanced, extravagant without being overly pretentious.

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The vintage rosé bottlings produced by Moet are actually quite special in that they’re only made in the best vintages. In other words, ideal weather conditions and optimal grape ripeness are crucial in every year’s decision-making process. If these conditions aren’t entirely perfect, the wine is forgone, abandoned to hopes for a better year next time around. But 2008 delivered flawless growing conditions and perfectly plump grapes, which Moet turned into this gorgeous vintage. The exact assemblage consists of 46 percent Pinot Noir, 32 percent Chardonnay, and 22 percent Pinot Meunier. The wine was then aged in the cellar for seven years, followed by six months of aging in bottle post-disgorgement.

The wine is simply phenomenal. The nose bursts with raspberry aromas, accompanied by floral notes, carrying over to a juicy palate of ripe berry and grapefruit. The zesty acidity and strong backbone of the wine leads to persistent bubbles and a lingering finish. No matter where you are this holiday season, sipping this vintage Champagne will instantly make your taste buds believe they belong to royalty.

It’s a truly beautiful wine and an extraordinary little treat. And after 2016, you deserve it.

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