This November on VinePair, we’re celebrating everything about American Wine. From up-and-coming regions and our favorite bottles, to the challenges winemakers are facing right now, we’re turning a spotlight on the industry across the United States.

The world is slowly opening back up, and as travel begins to feel safer, wine tourism is coming back with vengeance. Although international vacations are still restricted, America has plenty of domestic destinations of its own — including a growing number of wineries to visit. In fact, recent data shows a steady rise in winery openings, even during the Covid years.

According to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), the number of bonded wineries is increasing in expected and unexpected states. In California, the state with the most wineries overall, 273 wineries were added between 2019 and 2020; and by September 2021, an additional 412 bonded wineries had popped up.

(Bonded wineries, or those that have obtained bonds to cover their excise tax liability and have been approved by the TTB, represent a large majority of U.S. wineries; only small-production wineries are legally able to function without bonds.)

As more and more wineries open — with the current number of U.S. bonded wineries at over 16,000 and counting — some states have come out of the woodwork with new flourishing wine scenes. (Who would’ve known that Texas has more wineries than Oregon, the state with the most wineries per capita?)

This data also shows the progress that up-and-coming wine regions, including Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, have made in recent years, keeping us excited about what these states will produce next.

Wondering how many bonded wineries are in your home state? Read on to find out!

These are the states with the most wineries

The Number of Bonded Wineries in Every State

State Wineries
California 6,010
Washington 1,389
Texas 947
Oregon 917
New York 749
Michigan 657
Pennsylvania 531
Virginia 497
Ohio 486
Missouri 314
North Carolina 278
Colorado 249
Wisconsin 222
Illinois 194
Florida 193
Maryland 181
Iowa 172
Massachusetts 165
Arizona 159
Georgia 159
Indiana 152
Minnesota 147
Kentucky 133
Idaho 115
Oklahoma 113
New Mexico 110
New Jersey 100
Tennessee 97
Connecticut 96
Vermont 92
New Hampshire 80
Kansas 78
Maine 78
Alabama 62
South Carolina 54
Nebraska 45
Montana 43
South Dakota 41
West Virginia 40
Arkansas 38
Rhode Island 33
North Dakota 25
Alaska 24
Nevada 24
Utah 23
Louisiana 22
Hawaii 18
Delaware 12
Wyoming 12
Mississippi 11
Washington, D.C. 10
Total 16,397

These are the states with the most wineries per capita

The Number of Bonded Wineries Per Capita in Every State (Per 100,000 Residents)

State Wineries Per Capita
Oregon 21.64
Washington 18.03
California 15.20 
Vermont 14.31
Michigan 6.52 
Idaho 6.25 
New Hampshire 5.81
Virginia 5.76 
Maine 5.73
Iowa 5.26
New Mexico 5.19
Missouri 5.10
South Dakota 4.62 
Colorado 4.31 
Ohio 4.12 
Pennsylvania 4.08 
Montana 3.97
Wisconsin 3.77
New York 3.71
Arkansas 3.27 
Texas 3.25
North Dakota 3.21
Rhode Island 3.01
Kentucky 2.95
Maryland 2.93
Oklahoma 2.85
North Carolina 2.66
Connecticut 2.66
Kansas 2.65
Minnesota 2.58
Massachusetts 2.35
Nebraska 2.29
Indiana 2.24
West Virginia 2.23
Arizona 2.22
Wyoming 2.08 
Illinois 1.52 
Georgia 1.48 
Washington, D.C. 1.45 
Tennessee 1.40 
Arkansas 1.26 
Hawaii 1.24 
Alabama 1.23 
Delaware 1.21 
New Jersey 1.08 
South Carolina 1.06 
Florida 0.90 
Nevada 0.77 
Utah 0.72 
Louisiana 0.47 
Mississippi 0.37 
Total 4.95 

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