If you’ve even the slightest tolerance for spice, hot sauce can add some extra oomph to just about any dish. There’s also near-endless variety from bottle to bottle, from aromatic (and highly coveted) sriracha to acidic, vinegar-based sauces like Frank’s RedHot to thick, chile-forward formulas like Cholula. But when it comes to which brand is most essential to keep stocked in the fridge, everyone has a hot take.

People can be fiercely opinionated about their hot sauce of choice, and their devoutness shows from state to state. To reveal where each state’s loyalties lie, food delivery service Instacart compiled its 2023 purchase data from across the country. The company then determined each state’s preference by calculating which hot sauce brand its residents purchase beyond the national average — and let’s just say the results are spicy.

The three most popular brands across America were, predictably, Frank’s RedHot, Cholula, and Tabasco. Some regions like the Northeast and Pacific Northwest have a clear regional preference like Sky Valley, whereas areas like the Midwest are more of a mixed bag. It also seems that loyalty isn’t necessarily everything: According to the data, some states aren’t even faithful to their namesake hot sauce. Louisiana Hot Sauce is wildly popular in states across the South and bordering Louisiana, including Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas — but fell short in its own home state, which favored Tabasco. And speaking of Texas, Texas Pete’s hot sauce won over three states, but not the Lone Star State itself.

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It’s worth noting that 2023 marked a significant sriracha shortage in the U.S., which could have impacted the results. Instacart acknowledged this in the report, and found that sriracha orders have slowly begun to recover in the beginning of 2024, so next year’s data might tell a different story as people are reunited with their beloved squeezy bottles.

Read on to discover if your hot sauce preferences align with your home state.
The Most Popular Hot Sauce in Every State [MAP]

State Hot Sauce
Alabama Louisiana Hot Sauce
Alaska  Frank’s RedHot
Arizona Valentina 
Arkansas Louisiana Hot Sauce
California Tapatio
Colorado Nanita’s Finest
Connecticut  Frank’s RedHot
Delaware Crystal 
Florida Crystal 
Georgia Texas Pete
Hawaii Tabasco
Idaho Cholula
Illinois Louisiana Hot Sauce
Indiana Frank’s RedHot
Iowa Huy Fong Sriracha
Kansas Spanish Gardens
Kentucky Frank’s RedHot
Louisiana Tabasco
Maine Frank’s RedHot
Maryland Crystal 
Massachusetts Frank’s RedHot
Michigan Frank’s RedHot
Minnesota Cholula
Mississippi Louisiana Hot Sauce
Missouri Louisiana Hot Sauce
Montana Cholula
Nebraska Trappey’s
Nevada Tapatio
New Hampshire Frank’s RedHot
New Jersey Frank’s RedHot
New Mexico Monroe’s
New York Frank’s RedHot
North Carolina Texas Pete
North Dakota Mexican Village Restaurant
Ohio Frank’s RedHot
Oklahoma Louisiana Hot Sauce
Oregon Sky Valley
Pennsylvania  Frank’s RedHot
Rhode Island Frank’s RedHot
South Carolina Texas Pete
South Dakota Heinz
Tennessee  Louisiana Hot Sauce
Texas Louisiana Hot Sauce
Utah Cholula
Vermont Frank’s RedHot
Virginia Texas Pete
Washington Sky Valley
West Virginia  Frank’s RedHot
Wisconsin Frank’s RedHot
Wyoming Ox Brand

*Image retrieved from Filipp Romanovski via Unsplash.com