Not quite fine dining, not quite fast-casual, The Cheesecake Factory has been confusing patrons with dress code inquiries since the early 1970s.

It all began with a family-famous cheesecake recipe, ripped straight from a Detroit-local newspaper. Evelyn Overton, the soon-to-be matriarch of the chain, gained praise from friends and family for her take on that original cheesecake recipe. She opened a Los Angeles bakery with her husband, Oscar, to showcase the decadent desserts. And so “The Cheesecake Factory Bakery,” as it was known back then, was born.

Evelyn’s son David eventually opened a full-scale restaurant location in Beverly Hills in 1978, serving up his mother’s cheesecakes alongside other culinary creations. The menu has expanded to over 250 items — one of the most extensive offerings of any chain restaurant, prompting Ellen Degeneres to joke that the chain’s physical menu is “visible from space.

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Nowadays, The Cheesecake Factory caters to nearly every crowd, offering a wide variety of salads, flatbreads, pasta, and other light fare. Over 40 varieties of cheesecake can also be found at the chain’s 312 locations, with nationwide shipping also available for Factory-less fans.

While Drake is still looking for someone to fight with him at Cheesecake, you won’t have to search long for the nearest location. Keep reading the map below to discover the states that love The Cheesecake Factory the most.

The Number of Cheesecake Factories in Every State [MAP]

The Number of Cheesecake Factories by State

State Number of Cheesecake Factories
California 39
Florida 20
Texas 18
New York 12
New Jersey 10
Massachusetts 7
Ohio 7
Virginia 7
Arizona 6
Illinois 6
Maryland 6
Tennessee 6
Georgia 5
Nevada 5
Pennsylvania 5
Washington 5
North Carolina 4
Colorado 3
Connecticut 3
Missouri 3
Wisconsin 3
Alabama 2
District of Columbia 2
Hawaii 2
Indiana 2
Kentucky 2
Michigan 2
Minnesota 2
Oklahoma 2
Oregon 2
Utah 2
Delaware 1
Iowa 1
Idaho 1
Kansas 1
Louisiana 1
Nebraska 1
New Mexico 1
Rhode Island 1
South Carolina 1
Alaska 0
Arkansas 0
Maine 0
Mississippi 0
Montana 0
North Dakota 0
New Hampshire 0
South Dakota 0
Vermont 0
West Virginia 0
Wyoming 0