The sports bar is an integral part of American culture. Walk into one on game day, and you’re likely to see dozens — if not hundreds — of people shoved into a crowded bar drinking beer, eating wings, and cheering on (or shielding their eyes) as their favorite teams play. Of all sports bars in the United States, there are few as prevalent as Buffalo Wild Wings. With over 1,200 locations across the U.S., the franchise raked in an impressive $2 billion in revenue in 2021 alone.

A huge factor driving success at the beloved sports bar is the impressive beer program that has allowed the chain to become the world’s largest on-premise purveyor of craft beer. In fact, the restaurant sells more draft beer than any other restaurant in the country. At any Buffalo Wild Wings location, beer lovers can enjoy both national and local selections next time they’re in the market for some beer, wings, and sports.

Clearly, the franchise has established an impressive following of sports fans, but some states love BDubs more than others. While Texas boasts 112 locations, Ohio — only a fraction Texas’s size — houses an impressive 92. On the other hand, citizens of Alaska and Vermont will have to travel to visit the only Buffalo Wild Wings location in their states.

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While it may seem at first glance that the largest states love BDubs the most, when population sizes are accounted for, some fall behind. While Texas has the most Buffalo Wild Wings locations, the state’s ranking falls to 26th when it comes to locations per capita. North Dakota, which ranks 40th when it comes to its number of locations, takes the top spot in locations per capita.

Interested to see how many BDubs are in your home state? Read on to discover which states love Buffalo Wild Wings the most.

The Number of Buffalo Wild Wings in Every State [MAP]

The Number of Buffalo Wild Wings by State

State Number of Buffalo Wild Wings
Texas 112
Ohio 92
California 91
Illinois 77
Michigan 59
Indiana 55
Florida 49
Virginia 44
North Carolina 35
Wisconsin 33
Minnesota 32
New York 31
Georgia 30
Pennsylvania 30
Missouri 29
Tennessee 26
Colorado  25
Arizona 24
Alabama 22
Kentucky 21
Maryland 20
Iowa 19
New Jersey 19
Oklahoma 19
Louisiana 16
Washington 16
South Carolina 15
Kansas 14
Mississippi 13
New Mexico 13
Massachusetts 12
Nevada 12
Nebraska 11
West Virginia 11
Connecticut 10
Oregon 10
Utah 10
Arkansas 9
Idaho 8
North Dakota 8
Montana 7
Delaware 6
South Dakota 6
Hawaii 4
Maine 4
New Hampshire 4
Wyoming 3
Rhode Island 3
Alaska 1
District of Columbia 1
Vermont 1