Emojis. To know them is to love them.

Often overused by baby boomers to supplement their emotions via text — a picture is worth a thousand words, after all — emojis are bigger than all of us. In fact, in 2015, the laughing emoji was awarded Word of the Year by Dictionary.com.

On long nights words can fail us. That’s why we’ve created emoji descriptions for our favorite bottles of booze. Here are 11 iconic spirits in emoji form.

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Fireball in emoji form.

This spicy-sweet cinnamon liqueur brings the heat. It started in Canada, though an alternate origin story might be that it was “invented when someone dropped Mike and Ike Hot Tamales in moonshine and just went with it.”

Grey Goose vodka in emoji form.

Perhaps the most Instagrammable vodka on the market, this wheat-based spirit is a favorite among college students, club bangers, and seasoned vodka drinkers. All ingredients are grown and produced in France, and the water mixed in at the end of production comes from a natural spring 500 feet below the blending facility in Cognac. It’s basically as French as you can get.

Captain Morgan in emoji form.

Self-described as “the original party spirit,” this rum takes its seafaring heritage seriously. And it’s perfect for mixing with other things, because let’s face it, no one drinks Captain Morgan for the taste.

Jose Cuervo in emoji form.

It’s the No. 1 tequila in the world. ‘Nuff said.

Tito's vodka in emoji form.

This vodka burst on the scene from seemingly nowhere from Austin, Texas and now has a cult following. It’s is distilled from corn, making it naturally gluten-free.

Jagermeister in emoji form.

Perhaps the most divisive and misunderstood of all the spirits, this German digestif is often shot but surprisingly good for you. It’s made with 56 herbs and spices, making it an incredibly complex spirit, for better or worse.

Bombay Saphire in emoji form

This beloved London Dry gin basically invented modern gin marketing. The company uses a lot of botanicals, which are vapor-infused instead of boiling.

Jameson in emoji form

It’s the world’s most popular Irish whiskey, and for good reason. Even though it’s often associated with dive bars, it’s largely responsible for the rebirth of the Irish whiskey industry.

Hendrick's gin in emoji form.

Marketing itself as “gin made oddly,” Hendrick’s is famously infused with rose and cucumber, and proudly celebrates its U.K. heritage.

Malibu in emoji form.

The best-selling Caribbean-made, coconut-flavored rum (need we be more specific?), Malibu was originally created to simplify the process of making Pina Coladas for bartenders. The rum quickly became popular. Production is now headquartered in Barbados, where Malibu is made by the West Indies Distilling Company.

Jack Daniel's in emoji form.

Kesha brushes her teeth with it. Country singer Eric Church gets his ass kicked by it. This Tennessee whiskey has the whole world singing. It’s charcoal-mashed for maximum smoothness and uses Tennessee spring water for maximum freshness.