It’s no secret that all American states can legally produce bourbon, but Kentucky is the spirit’s undisputed heartland. There are more than 9 million barrels aging in the Bluegrass State — twice the number of its inhabitants — with 2.1 million barrels filled in 2019 alone.

That production streams out of the state’s more than 70 licensed distilleries, a figure that has more than tripled in the last decade. While some newcomers have risen to prominence in recent years, bringing celebrated new bottles to liquor shelves, others have stood the test of time through boom and bust, maintaining, and in some cases reviving, history’s most iconic bourbon brands.

The distilleries shown in the map below account for the production of all of these labels. In some instances, the facilities have only come online in recent years and may not be responsible for all (or any) of the liquid currently in bottles from the brands now being produced there. And bourbon being a historic industry shrouded in secrets, not all producers allow distillery tours, so be sure to check online before planning any visits.

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Here are all the major distilleries in Kentucky, mapped.

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Here is a map of all of the major bourbon distilleries in Kentucky.

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