Over the past decade, it’s fair to say Bordeaux has fallen out of favor with the cool-kid crowd. The once- lauded wine region that still remains Robert Parker’s favorite has become less and less relevant to the next generation of drinkers. Or has it?

That’s the discussion we’re having on this week’s VinePair podcast. While Bordeaux seems to be appearing less than it used to on the wine lists of major restaurants, and in the wine shops of urban America, are we doing the wine, and region, a disservice by dismissing it simply because it’s a wine our parents drank? Is Bordeaux actually cool, and we don’t even know it? Are we judging Bordeaux based on the simple fact that the classified growths are for the most part out of reach, when they represent a mere fraction of the 6,000 producers in the region? To answer these questions, Adam and Zach welcome Philippe Newlin, U.S. Director of Duclot La Vinicole, a major importer of Bordeaux wine, to help them understand if Bordeaux is still worth seeking out.

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