Pinot Meunier is one of a few grapes that are more well-known for making sparkling wines than still ones. While it’s used to make still wines in Germany (under the synonym Schwarzriesling), Canada, and parts of the U.S., Pinot Meunier is most heralded in the vineyards of Champagne, where it contributes fresh fruit and aromatics to blended bubblies. While Pinot Meunier, sometimes just called Meunier, is grown throughout Champagne, it finds its home in the Vallée de la Marne, due to its late-budding, early-ripening characteristics. A red-headed stepchild no longer, Pinot Meunier is now made into a varietal Champagne by some producers, resulting in a rose gold-colored, red-fruited, textured wine.

An Illustrated Guide to Pinot Meunier