The holidays are now behind us, and while it may become Dry January for some of us, most of us will continue to imbibe responsibly. Already, upcoming imbibing occasions include the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, not to mention the other excuses many will find between now and then. And while we often try to drink in a way that ensures we aren’t hung over the next day, sometimes we overdo it, and we’re left not feeling great the following morning.

But not to worry, VinePair is here to help. We recorded this week’s podcast on New Year’s Day — day when many of us are likely to be found with a bit of a hangover — and Zach and Adam are joined by VinePair’s tastings editor and chief wine geek Keith Beavers to discuss how they cure their own hangovers, and whether there even is such a thing as a hangover cure to begin with.

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