How to Make the Best Cosmopolitan [Infographic]

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For many, the Cosmopolitan will always be synonymous with “Sex and the City,” but its actual origin story remains a little fuzzy. However, whether you trace the drink back to an Ocean Spray Campaign or the Odeon, the Cosmo is back and ready to serve better than ever.

At its core, its recipe is a simple one. That said, even the most “effortless cocktails” present tempting shortcuts. With so few ingredients it’s important to shell out for the best version of each. When it comes to fruit juice, make sure to squeeze fresh limes into your cocktail as citrus juice oxidizes (and thus transforms) extremely quickly. When selecting cranberry juice, make sure to find a tart option as sweeter juice will have been artificially sweetened and can muddle the cocktail’s flavors.

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Another way to gauge whether you’ve added enough cranberry juice is to watch the color of your drink. Experts suggest shooting for a “bubblegum” or “blush pink” color –– i.e., a shade of pink that shows you haven’t added too much cranberry juice.

From there, it’s just a matter of following our best recipe, so read on for our guide to crafting the perfect Cosmopolitan.

Here's how to craft the perfect Cosmopolitan, according to VinePair's guide