Scoring a prime outdoor table when the weather is perfect is one of life’s greatest joys. It’s a coveted position that people specifically seek out on beautiful days. So on days when you’ve been lucky enough to grab that special spot, I can understand not wanting to give it up. However, there’s nothing wrong with staying at the table as long as you like — so long as you continue to order food and/or drinks.

If you’re continuing to generate revenue for the restaurant or bar, they’re happy to have your business, and won’t mind you camping out at one of their prime spots. But, if you instead order one drink and simply nurse it, or have ordered something non-alcoholic and are just asking for refills, don’t be surprised when you start to receive looks from the staff. It’s actions such as these that start to appear like you’ve overstayed your welcome.

In general, it’s perfectly acceptable to sit around for a maximum of 30 minutes after you’ve finished your last drink or bites, but after that, it’s time to mosey on. After all, others will be waiting for that prime table.

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