MAP: This Is How Your Corona Is Made

The new Administration has been making noise about taxing Mexican companies 20% and even possibly withdrawing from NAFTA, the trade agreement that makes it straightforward (and possible!) for us to trade easily with Mexico. With that in mind, Reuters took a deep dive into the long and travelled road a bottle of Corona travels before ending up in your hand.

“Getting it there from its brewery in Mexico involves a complex, cross-border supply network that will likely get more complicated if U.S. president Donald Trump follows through on vows to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or tax imports,” Reuters writes. Or, as Senator Lindsay Graham explained on Twitter, “Simply put, any policy proposal which drives up costs of Corona, tequila, or margaritas is a big-time bad idea. Mucho Sad.”

We thought we’d help you visualize the journey!

This Is How Your Corona Is Made - MAP
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