How Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Inspires the World to ‘Unleash the Bubbles’

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the little things. From an uninterrupted blue sky accompanied by a warm breeze to ordering from your favorite takeout spot, life is replete with reasons to kick back and enjoy the moment; Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte has built its legacy on this very principle. There’s no need to keep a bottle of Champagne tucked away for a “special” occasion. When you enjoy a glass of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte, every day instantly transforms into one.  

So how does a house that’s 50 years young manage to rise to the top, earning the reputation as France’s favorite Champagne and ranking No. 3 in the world? Rather than try to find its place in the fold of traditional Champagnes, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte capitalized on its point of differentiation: its youth. The house leaned into its bold, disobedient spirit right from the start when Henri Macquart, founder of the Centre Vinicole de la Champagne (The Champagne Wine Center), and Nicolas Feuillatte, a daring businessman, developed an innovative, more inclusive, model of production. The pair activated a co-op of volunteer wine growers, which has now grown to over 6,000, across the entire Champagne region, providing the house with an extensive array of flavorful crus, enhanced by the meticulous art of blending.

An Infusion of Youth

“Being young allows us to be a little bit more daring in our approach,” says Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte communications lead Anne-Laure Domenichini. “It means that we can go down avenues that our colleagues within the trade may not.”

Rather than following how it’s always been done, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte looks to modern consumers’ lifestyles and preferences as a guide. Domenichini explains how the brand’s birth year, 1972, coincided with the birth of retail, where consumers flocked to general stores and supermarkets that held everything under one roof. Keen to this trend, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte was among the first to put bottles on those shelves.

“We were the first to go there,” Domenichini says, “and that was very daring and very modern at the time.” Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte also became a fixture in hotels, restaurants, and with independent wine merchants. As the consumer’s palate became more sophisticated and educated in wine and food pairings, nouveau cuisine came onto the scene — the modern, lighter take on French gastronomy — and Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte followed. “We accompanied Champagne lovers, wine amateurs, and general foodies as they moved into the new habits,” Domenichini says.

Meeting their consumer where they were also meant offering a more comprehensive range of Champagnes. “We are one of the few Champagne houses to have two collections of Champagne — one dedicated to general retail and another, more sophisticated range [for] when you go to a fine restaurant or independent wine stores,” Domenichini says. This was also in direct response to the consumer looking for range and access.

The Réserve Collection is an accessible choice for everyday celebrations. The more elevated tier, the Collection Vintage, consists of blanc de blancs and brut blended as vintages. No matter which Champagne you choose, you’re guaranteed a moment worthy of revelry. 

Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte Wants You to ‘Unleash the Bubbles’

As an affordable luxury brand, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte stands out from the rest. And that accessibility to quality is a key component of the “Unleash the Bubbles” campaign that launched along New York City’s famed Stone Street in June 2022 and is scheduled to take Chicago by storm this June. Traditionally, Champagne is a “celebration wine” reserved for special occasions, even in France. But the Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte campaign promotes a new, less precious approach to drinking Champagne: Every day is a reason to celebrate.

Forget ceremonious uncorkings reserved for weddings and anniversaries. Instead, Champagne enthusiasts consider any day a day for celebration, whether that means enjoying a bottle when the first flower in your garden blooms, after playing pickleball, or while catching a trans-Atlantic flight.

The Champagne Pairings You’ve Likely Overlooked

Likewise, forget persnickety pairings. When Nicolas Feuillatte infiltrated Stone Street’s lineup of pubs, restaurants, and dive bars, they created unexpected pairings with local delicacies that delighted those in attendance. Champagne and pizza? Yes. Champagne and tacos? Of course. Champagne and hot dogs? Why not? “You name it, we were there,” Domenichini adds.

“Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne’s range is interesting enough to allow a pairing with almost all types of cuisine,” she says.

Almost. Domenichini does not recommend pairing Champagne with ice cream (“It just doesn’t work.”), anything too green like spinach or asparagus (“It’s too bitter.”), or, perhaps surprisingly, chocolate. “It’s a myth that chocolate and Champagne go together,” she says. “Because chocolate is very bitter, the combination leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.”

Everything else, however, is on the table. This is especially true regarding Nicolas Feuillatte Rosé Champagne, which is incredibly versatile. “Rosé is your best friend,” Domenichini says. “You can almost turn a blind eye and say, ‘Well, I think that will go with it,’ and it will.” She adds one other fun fact about rosé: “Pink goes with pink.” Rosé Champagne pairs well with meats like duck, salmon, and veal, as well as any red fruit.

Being youthful, disobedient, and bold has allowed Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte to disrupt an industry imbued with tradition. But it’s their dedication to crafting quality Champagne that meets and exceeds the evolving needs of their consumer that will keep them bubbling to the top.

This article is sponsored by Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte.