Does Drinking a Hot Toddy in the Summer Make You a Psycho?

We are inundated with seasonality: Restaurants rush to be the first ones with spring vegetables or limited-season items, while publications, influencers, and brands themselves attempt to convince us that you are a failure as a drinker if you don’t perfectly match your beverage to the exact calendar date and weather conditions.

Yet with cocktails, isn’t the whole idea that they’re enjoyable regardless of the time of year? Isn’t the whole reason we infuse alcohol with various flavors, or even distill it in the first place, so that we can have it whenever we want? Or are you crazy if you drink a Hot Toddy in the summer or a Piña Colada in the winter? That’s the topic on this week’s VinePair podcast, as Adam and Zach discuss the idea of whether cocktails do or should have seasons.

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