Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Tequila Bribón

Tequila consumption in the States has been on an exponential rise as a new generation of drinkers discovers the complexity and versatility of this Mexican spirit. In fact, demand has nearly exceeded agave supply. While it might seem like there’s a new tequila brand hitting liquor store shelves every week, it’s rare that a 100 percent blue agave tequila that’s both affordable and high quality joins the ranks.

Enter Tequila Bribón, a recent addition that ticks both boxes. Read on to find out about the story behind the spirit, the family who makes it, and the best ways to put it to good use.

1. For one, the mascot for Tequila Bribón embraces courageous independence — and so should you.

In Spanish, a “Bribón” means rascal or a rogue. Tequila Bribón captures that feeling of the independent, brave, and charismatic man of the people, someone who makes his own rules and embraces the finer things in life.

2. Tequila Bribón is a collaborative effort.

When Palm Bay International, one of the largest premium importers of spirits and wine in the U.S., went looking to create a new tequila line, it knew it had found its perfect partner in distillery Casa Don Roberto, a legacy family producer in Mexico’s Jalisco region. The two worked together to find the best expressions for the greatest value.

3. The family behind Tequila Bribón has been making tequila for nearly a century.

Casa Don Roberto makes and ages its tequila at La Purisima, one of the largest tequila distilleries in the country, located in the city of Tequila in Mexico’s Jalisco. Don Roberto Orendein, whose family emigrated from Spain in the early 19th century, started making tequila almost a century ago, in 1924. In addition to being one of the forefathers of commercial tequila, Don Roberto was also a promoter of charreria, a popular Mexican sport similar to rodeo.

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4. Tequila Bribón chooses fully mature agave plants to get the best flavor.

Only fully matured, 100 percent blue agaves, ranging in age from seven to 10 years old, are used to make Tequila Bribón. This ensures that the tequila is of the highest quality and has a range of complex flavors. Jimadors harvest the agave by hand.

5. The distillery blends traditional methods with modern ones.

After harvest, the agave is transported to the distillery where it is cooked for 18 hours at 100 degrees Celsius in a high-pressure autoclave. The cooked agave is then shredded to extract the juice (also known as honey), which is then fermented using Don Roberto’s proprietary yeast strain. Finally, the liquid is double-distilled in both pot and column stills, resulting in a very clean and pure spirit.

6. Tequila Bribón offers three different age expressions.

The unaged blanco is full of vegetal, earthy, and spicy notes with a clean finish, making this the perfect tequila for a Margarita. The reposado is aged in toasted American oak barrels for six to nine months where it develops creamy vanilla and dried fruit flavors, making it a well-rounded and versatile tequila that can be used in classic and modern cocktails or sipped on its own. Tequila Bribón’s golden añejo rests in used bourbon barrels for 18 months, giving it rich notes of wood, caramel, and cooked agave, an expression best enjoyed neat.

7. Tequila Bribón is a bartender’s favorite.

Tequila Bribón’s packaging is easy to hold as a result of it’s long neck and slip-proof lip, so bartenders can easily whip up cocktails that are just as creative as they are delicious. From the classic Margarita to the Paloma to an Old Fashioned, Tequila Bribón has a bottling that will work well in any tequila cocktail. Try a Tequila Cherry Sunrise made with the blanco, combined with Cherry Heering and orange juice. Use the reposado in a spicy Bloody Maria. Or sub the anejo for gin in a Negroni — the result is a delicious riff on a familiar standard.

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