Grandeur Wines Are a Love Letter to Mother Nature

Scheid Family Wines, a leading wine producer based in Monterey County, Calif., is proud to add the Grandeur brand to its portfolio, and for it, has brought to life 86 acres of flint and limestone-filled soil by organically cultivating their estate White Flower Vineyard. Found within the Hames Valley AVA of California’s Monterey County, the origin of the vineyard’s name is rooted in nature. When the sunshine reflects off the rocky soil, the glints resemble delicate white flowers. That is the natural beauty of the vineyard, which has been certified organic since 2020.

A striking single blue oak tree stands as a focal point in the vineyard, which was an open range originally used for cattle grazing. Come closer to the blue oak and you’ll see that inside its gnarled trunk lives perhaps Grandeur’s most revered resident — a bee colony. Here, Mother Nature placed an important mascot of Grandeur’s commitment to conservation practices through organic and sustainable farming. 

When the Scheid family planted the vineyard using all organic growing practices, happening upon this bee colony was a pleasant surprise. Being mindful of the environment is a core belief of the family and the decision was made to leave the bees exactly where they were. By building the vineyard around the colony and their home within the blue oak, the inspiration for the Grandeur brand came naturally. Bees act as important pollinators within nature’s intricate dance. The vineyard ecosystem benefits from the bees’ magic by cultivating a rich and biodiverse environment, which results in higher-quality grapes.

White Flower Vineyard is not only certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) but it’s also certified sustainable by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA), further exemplifying a devotion to both the wellness and environmentally conscious wine drinkers who share the same vision. 

With education and passion, Grandeur’s commitment to organic farming comes naturally in Monterey. The cool morning fog from Monterey Bay eases into the abundant sunshine of hot afternoons. The temperature shifts are gradual and predictable, making growing and ripening an exercise in what Mother Nature can do with minimal interference. The vineyard is located in the southernmost part of Monterey County in the Hames Valley AVA, where the nights are coldest and the days are hottest. Protected from the Pacific Ocean winds that get funneled through the Salinas Valley, the grapes thrive in one of the hottest and driest climates in Monterey County. Colder nights slow down ripening, allowing the grapes to establish rich aromatics without giving up necessary acidity. We all strive for balance in our lives. With Grandeur, we can at least have it in our wine.

Grandeur Organic Wine
A single blue oak tree that houses a bee colony stands witness to the change of seasons and the passage of time.

Making Better Choices for Ourselves and the Planet

Organic farming, at its essence, believes that working in harmony with nature rather than manipulating it to our needs will preserve the environment, all while producing superior fruit. Today’s consumer has more options when it comes to food than ever before. Why should their wine be any different? Available now through their website, Grandeur wines are a high-quality choice with its first vintage of their bold, fruit-forward 2021 Grandeur Red Blend.

The organically farmed Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon fruit was picked in the early morning, de-stemmed, and crushed separately. Picking the grapes in the cooler air of the early morning helps to preserve and concentrate the fresh fruit’s aromas and flavors.  These two varieties have their own innately distinct qualities: Petite Sirah imparts a naturally dark color and dark fruit character while Cabernet gives the structure and tannin needed for complexity. By fermenting separately using select organic yeasts, Grandeur once again proves its commitment to respect what nature gave us. After fermentation, the two varietals are aged separately in French oak barrels for 10 months and then blended for optimal flavor. 

Vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free, you’ll experience blackberry, elderberry, and plum with hints of figs and vanilla on the nose. Taste a mouthful of rich black fruits with a sweet oak finish that lingers in this dark, full-bodied red. The complex flavors with structured fine tannins stand up to a variety of spiced international cuisines, smoky grilled meat or vegetarian dishes, or a casual cheese board. 

Today’s environmentally aware wine drinker wants value. Not just in the price tag, but also through a personal wellness and environmental lens. Organically farmed grapes are just one way we can respect nature and practice mindfulness. Grandeur’s Red Blend marries these interests with a versatile, luxury wine created with a love of quality and respect for our bodies and world. Whether you’re new to the world of organic and sustainable farming or far along your journey, Grandeur’s Red Blend makes it easy to remain committed. 

Start the New Year With Organically Grown Grandeur

Grandeur Organic Wine

Grandeur Red Blend is now available online and will be available in Natural Grocers and select Total Wine stores around the country in March 2023. The Red Blend, priced at $22.99 a bottle, is just the start of Grandeur’s entry into the national organic market. 

In March, look for Grandeur Rosé ($19.99) to hit the market as well. Organically grown Petite Sirah grapes are handpicked and pressed as whole clusters for minimal skin contact, keeping the color pale and delicate. Organic yeast is used during fermentation in stainless steel tanks to keep the bright floral and fruit aromas at the forefront. 

The Grandeur Rosé will take you into spring with flavors of peach, pear, and a touch of watermelon on the palate. The wine is crisp, with a minerality that connects you directly to the magnificence of the land. 

The Grandeur brand is committed to the natural beauty of the winemaking process, choosing to embrace nature’s rhythms and let them guide the process from vine to bottle. Perhaps the only ones who work harder than the people behind Grandeur Wines are the bees nestled safely within that blue oak. As a reminder of their importance, a bee motif is printed on every wine bottle label. 

When you sip Grandeur Wines, you taste what it’s like when soil, sun, air, and vines sing in harmony, transforming the wine within the bottle into a perfect song.

This article is sponsored by Grandeur Wines.