This week, Jake goes out with Charmee Taylor, actor, author, and creator of Bi Astrology. The two discuss the therapeutic benefits of learning your chart, how the zodiac affects your going out style, and which signs are the queerest. Tune in for more.

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Jake Cornell: I feel like everyone’s been like, “This full moon, keep your f*cking mouth shut. Watch out,” and I’m terrified.

Charmee Taylor: Yes, you should be. I don’t want to get all scary with the whole, “Oh-” It’s fatalistic astrology. I don’t want to get all like be scared about everything but the moon is in Gemini and it is chaos time and it’s during Sag season, so it’s like astrology’s telling us all to be sluts and have fun but also, I don’t know, sometimes I want to, I don’t know, I get really hesitant about being like, “Be fearful of astrology,” but also everybody just shut up. Everybody just shut your freaking-

J: You’re like, “This one time, be fearful.” It’s that bad?

C: It’s not like we’re in an eclipse. It’s not like we’re in Mercury retrograde, but it also is very much like you might say some stuff. Just be quiet.

J: I know. I literally just said this, we were recording today’s intro for next week’s episode and I was like — one of my good friends who’s also into astrology, she was like, “Just be quiet. Just keep your mouth shut that day and keep your head down.” I was like, “I have two interviews in a standup show.”

C: Oh Lord.

J: I’m f*cked. I was like, “I’m not trying any new material tonight. We are staying tight to chest. I’m really not trying to f*ck sh*t up.”

C: I think also Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is the planet of communication, of books of, I want to say learning but more knowledge. It is the planet of communication. Also, being spontaneous. I guess don’t try out new stuff maybe but also go with the astrology of what’s happening. It is a time to be fun, be free, try something new. It’s not going to be detrimental if you say something so wild and crazy but going with the astrology of just yes. It’s just fun.

J: That’s what I need to do here.

C: That’s what we’re feeling.

J: I need to be having fun and being a little free. That’s what I need right now actually.

C: I’m telling you, the astrology’s telling us to be sluts. I’m telling you.

J: I’ll happily do that. I’m in a good place to be doing that right now, I think, so I love that.

C: Same.

J: Okay, gorgeous. How did you get into astrology? How long have you been into it? How did this journey start for you?

C: I got into astrology pre-pandemic before everybody else was into it. I was into a Gemini rising. I had a friend who was in astrology who was just getting into it and she was like, “Okay, when’s your birthday?” I was like, “Oct. 30th,” and she’s like, “Shut up. That’s my same exact birthday.”

J: Oh, we’re both Scorpios.

C: She’s like, “What year were-” Yes, we are both Scorpios with a Leo moon, both strong opinions, we’re very strongly opinionated. She did my entire chart and she started talking to me and she started saying things to me that I never was able to express out loud. Really things that you think to yourself when you’re a kid in your childhood home. She was saying this stuff out loud. I was like, “What the heck? What type of voodoo? What is going on? How did she know this?” She’s like, “No. These are things that are important to you based on your houses, based on what’s going on.” She also said I was going to be famous.

J: There you go.

C: She said I was going to be famous. I was just like, “Whoa, what is this? I need to know more about this.” It’s less about predicting stuff and more about learning to heal in a way that works for you specifically. I was like, “I’m addicted, I’m hooked.

J: That’s really cool.

C: That was about three to four years ago and I’ve been here for the astrology ever since.

J: That’s so great. You’re so good and I like how much joy you bring to it and you make it so fun and funny, but also still, it’s clear that you know it. You’re speaking from a place of knowledge and studied things, but you’re also bringing humor to it in a way that’s a really nice and fun balance.

C: Thank you. I really attest that to my Gemini rising because as a Gemini rising, I love information. I’m insatiable about information and research. I hate it when people are like, “Oh yes, Geminis are just — I just hate them.” It’s like, “Why? Because you have Gemini in your chart at a place that triggers you because it reminds you of your parents? That’s why?” Don’t just say stuff just to say stuff, back it up.

J: As you’ve gotten more into astrology and gone down this path, how has that changed the way you socialize? I guess I should ask how it hasn’t changed the way you socialize, the way you go out, the way you approach your personal life and your social life. How has that shifted?

C: First of all, I always knew I was an extrovert. My sister is very much an introvert, but I always was like, “Why do I always feel weird?” I always feel like the one that’s like, “Yay, yap, yap,” always talking. I thought it was just because I’m me, I’m just loud. Then I realized that my social battery is charged by being with other people because of my Gemini rising, because of my Leo moon, but also I’m very aware of surroundings and very much like, “My intuition says you’re weird. I don’t trust you but I’ll talk to you, but I don’t trust you because I’m a Scorpio.”

J: Same.

C: It’s really helped to put things in perspective and really just make me really feel confident going out. Like, “Okay, I’m going to talk to these people. I’m going to be social with these people. We’ll see if it goes any further. Because I don’t trust you. I don’t trust you, people.”

J: That’s so fun. I love that. I feel like astrology for me has been this journey of, I just — it’s similar to what you said, but I just find it to be such a helpful tool for introspection and looking at myself and being like, “Okay, I feel this way about this thing and this way about this,” and sometimes these two aspects of my personality are in conflict. Just having the conflict, I think people always are like, “Do you believe in it?” I’m like, “I don’t necessarily know that I need to be proven that the magic of it or the science of it or whatever is real. The work I do on myself and the way I think about myself and the way I know myself because of it is real. Objectively, that is real. Do you know what I mean? I think that where it gets dangerous is if I had canceled today’s interviews and my shows tonight because of the full moon, that’s a problem. Do you know what I mean? That’s a problem. That’s not what I’m doing. If something goes wrong tonight, let’s say I did something wrong tonight, let’s say I started a fight tonight. I don’t think I’m going to, I don’t normally start fights but if I did, it would be helpful for my psyche to be like, “Okay, there was a lot going on energetically there with the moon and stuff but also why did I start a fight?” It would be a tool, it’d be an entry point for me to do some self-work as opposed to- I think that context is just helpful. I think that’s something that people don’t always understand.

C: No, they don’t. I think people think of astrology like organized religion because-

J: Totally.

C: Especially as somebody that grew up in the church, people are like, “You have to believe, you have to believe in Jesus. You have to believe in the faith. You have to believe.” That’s the crux of a lot of religious propaganda. Because of that, we apply that to so many different things like, “Oh, you believe in this thing? Do you believe in astrology?” People don’t say that when it comes to research or science. Like, “Do you believe in science?” No, it is what it is. We can take from it what it is and apply it to our lives and apply it to stories and put anecdotal information to that. It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not. Do you believe in crypto? Nobody says that.

J: Also the stakes are different. The stakes are a little bit different. If we’re talking science versus astrology, if we’re going to use science to develop a medication that people are going to take to treat an ailment, I just said ailment, that’s not a word, an ailment or an illness, obviously, we need to use science and the scientific method to work that down to the most effective, safe thing possible that we can use to then map da, da, da, da. Is that necessary for me to talk about being a Capricorn rising? No, it’s literally not because the stakes aren’t there. It doesn’t need to be. Really, the way it gets is like a real bee in some people’s bonnet. I’m like, “The stakes are not that high.” It works for people, especially when people start making money off of it. If someone writes a book or whatever — Katie, behind you, the thing just fell.

C: It’s fine.

J: Okay. I thought it was going to hit you. That’s why I said something. Sorry, something fell in the recording room.

C: That’s okay, Gemini moon things.

J: Yes, Gemini moon things. What I was going to say, especially when people start making money off of it, people get really mad and I’m like, “I don’t think the stakes are that high.” It’s like, “Let people just f*ck with this thing.”

C: Exactly. It’s weird because we think about astrology in this weird little vacuum, but really and truly it’s astrology under capitalism. The way people view it is through this very strange lens. I’m like, “It’s not that deep.”

J: No, it’s not.

C: Oh, you don’t Pisces. Okay. You’re not going to die if you don’t Pisces. You don’t date Pisces. Who cares?

J: It’s also like, I don’t know, if someone were to be like, “I don’t like Pisces.” I think you should probably a little bit deeper like, “What about people that you think are Pisces do you not like?” If it’s like, “I don’t like someone without emotional boundaries,” that’s different. You can say that oftentimes Pisces don’t have emotional boundaries, but it’s a stereotyping thing. I don’t know. Also, if you say you don’t Pisces, I’m like, “That’s not that big of a deal.” I don’t know.

C: Maybe look at your chart, but it’s not that deep.

J: No, 100 percent. For you with astrology, obviously, by astrology, you have this Instagram, that’s wonderful and so fun. Are you doing readings for people? How are you working with astrology in a day-to-day life?

C: I have a lot of friends that come to me and they’re like, “I’m dating this person. What’s going on?” I don’t do it. I don’t consider myself an astrologer, just an astrology enthusiast.

J: Yes, totally.

C: A friend of mine who is an astrologer and was like, “You’re kind of a astrologer. You’re kind of a baby astrologer.” I was like, “I’ll take that compliment. I’ll take that.” Day to day, I’m not professionally getting money from astrology in reading-wise.

J: Even just hearing the way you’re talking about astrologers, it’s because you take it seriously, you’re like, “No, I’m not quite that studied. I’m not quite at that level to be able to do that.” I think that’s really commendable as well.

C: Yes, because what’s really messed up is when somebody says something about your chart because they don’t know information. That to me is real weird. That’s when we’re getting on weird levels. If you go to an astrologer and they’re like, “You’re never going to find love based on this,” and it’s like, “Wait a second. Let’s take a step back on the way in which we talk about people.” It’s not that deep, but sometimes it’s like, “Hold on a second, that hurt.”

J: It’s also happening on TikTok right now. I think it’s happening on TikTok right now with, like you said, astrology into capitalism, where it’s like — also for the listener, I promise we’re going to start talking about going out. I just really love astrology. I think that there’s a need to make content and put things out there. They’ll do these videos a lot of times that are like, “Here’s what’s coming for every Capricorn rising in 2023.” Then it’s like, “Da, da, da, da, da.” I’m like, “Okay, but there’s a whole other chart to these people. Yes, there’s general stuff, but at the same time, I don’t know, you can create a lot-” Being like, “All Libra Venuses are going to have really bad love lives in 2023.” I don’t think that’s how that works.

C: No, that’s spooky ooky. I don’t like that at all. Also, be very mindful. We’re in the age of Aquarius, be very mindful of A) cults, that’s a thing. B) be very mindful of the types of astrologers that you’re taking it. If all your astrologers are White, are you good? If all your astrologers on your For You page are White people, maybe diversify your readings and diversify who you’re looking at and who you’re engaging with, A. B) make sure that the information comes from an actual reliable source. I looked at stuff like that that was dooms fully. It’s been like, “Yay, you have a Virgo Venus, your love life is going to be so bad this year, so bad.” Then I look at the person’s bio and it’s 17. I’m like, “Did I just let a 17-year-old-

J: I know. It’s crazy.

C: -craze the hell out of me?”

J: That’s just wild.

C: Just be very mindful. It is. Use your intuition.

J: Yes, 100 percent Now to pivot to going out and then we’ll tie the two together, are you in L.A.?

C: Yes.

J: Are you from L.A.?

C: It’s the time. No, I’m from Pennsylvania. I’m from a small little town in Pennsylvania, which by the way is a college town. I really got my boots in going out in this college town just going ham, just ham.

J: Which college?

C: Penn State University.

J: Oh, you’re from City College? Or is that what it’s called?

C: State College.

J: State College.

C: State College, yes. From State College, went to Penn State.

J: Damn. What was that like growing up in State College? That’s so interesting.

C: It was really weird because-

J: Did your family work at the university? Is that why you lived there?

C: No, my mom decided to be like, “I’m spontaneous. I’m going to do something new. I’m going to uproot my family and just finish my degree.” I was like, “Go off, live your best life.” She did that and education was really important to her. She’s a Virgo. Education was extremely important to her. She was like, “I want my kids to go to the best schools,” which is great because my brother goes to Ivy League now, which is amazing. She wanted that to be a thing. Being a part of State College is really weird. It’s a very strange dichotomy of super religious, conservative, Trump-ass, pre-Trump. Trump-ass conservative people and then a super partying town to this really strange academia meets conservative. It’s very weird, but full circle for me.

J: That’s so crazy. When did you start partying with Penn State people? How young were you?

C: I wish I could say I was in middle school, twerking on tabletops, but no, I was a late bloomer, so it wasn’t until — I didn’t drink until I was 21. Once I was 21, I was like, “Let’s go.” I studied abroad. When I tell you I’ve got stories, I’ve got stories.

J: Where did you study abroad?

C: I first went to London. I went to London Town and had the time of my life, came back, and then went to Dublin, lived in Dublin for a bit.

J: Oh, nice. Wait, growing up in State College, was it weird to, I don’t know, I just feel like it must be weird. Were there places to go that weren’t completely dominated by the college, or is Penn State really affecting every single part of it?

C: Every single part. Unless you’re in church, but even in church, there are still professors.

J: Then what was it like to then go there after having grown up there?

C: I didn’t want to go. I was like, “I’m not going to be with these gross grody college students who are partying all the time. I’m not doing that.” Then I did my audition and then I did my tour and I fell in love. It was completely different, completely, totally different. Two completely different worlds. I was on the outside and then once my freshman year, the floodgates opened and I was on the inside and I was like, “This is completely different than what I thought it was.” I had a ball. I had a ball.

J: Because you were doing the theater program there?

C: Yes, I was doing the theater program.

J: Basically, once you got involved in that you were like, “This is different than the experience I’ve been having outside of it.”

C: Yes, the theater program, but also just the camaraderie that comes with going to a state school and just, I don’t know, something — it’s very weird. Maybe it’s culty, but it’s very weird family, it’s a lot of East Coast moms being like, “Where are you going for dinner? Are you going somewhere? No, you’re coming to our house.”

J: I love that.

C: Bring out the ziti. It’s very homey. It feels like you are really taken care of by hella people. I don’t know, people are just there for you in this way that does not happen in Los Angeles at all.

J: How long have you lived in L.A.?

C: For about seven years now.

J: Was that a hard move?

C: It was hard because it was a cultural shock. Going from the East Coast, people who are really taking care of you to people that are like, “Hi, let’s go to coffee. What’s your resume? What have you been on? What have you done? How many followers do you have?” It’s really weird and it’s like, “You didn’t even ask my name. Ask my name. Ask me something about myself, not my resume.” It was weird. It was very weird. Now I found my people and they’re all gay and we’re all cool and we’re all fun and we all do all this cool stuff. Now it’s cool, but for a second there, it was tough.

J: I think that people are probably interested in hearing how did you do that, though? What was your process for building a community in a city like that? Because I feel like it’s a little bit easier in New York. I’ve heard L.A. is particularly hard. I think it’s probably easier to make friends in New York than in L.A. I think that’s generally a thought that people have but I’ve never lived in L.A. so I can’t say that with impunity. I just think that by nature of you can’t hang out at each other’s houses, you don’t have space in your apartments, you’re going to bars, you’re bumping into people, I’m not saying it’s easy to make friends here, but I think it’s way easier than L.A.

C: Yes, I would say that because people in L.A. don’t talk to each other. If you’re going out to the club or you’re going out to a bar, whatever, you’re with friends, people won’t cross-contaminate. I remember on the East Coast, I’d be at a bar in State College or a bar, wherever, on the East Coast and people would be like, “Hey, oh my God, I love your shirt, oh, let’s talk. Oh my God. What’s your zodiac sound? What’s this, what’s that?” They’d be talking here. Here, people do not talk to each other. You’ll just be in a clump, clump, clump, clump, clump, and nobody talks. It’s very weird. It’s very strange, but me personally with community, a lot of jobs that I had, I’d custom pick out people like, “You’re dope, You’re dope, You’re dope. You’re gay, and I don’t know I’m gay yet, but something about you I like and I really want to be your friend. I don’t know why I really want to be your friend, but we’re going to be friends.” I would custom pick out different people, particularly people that I worked with or lived with, but people I worked with, and I would just be friends with them. I have a Leo moon and I’m a Gemini rising, so I’m very talkative and I don’t care. If I see people that I’m like, “Oh, you have a good energy,” I’m going to walk up to you in a bar and be like, “Hey, let’s talk.”

J: Wait, a question just came up and I don’t know if this is a thing, and I don’t know if you know the answer to this, but I have never thought about this before. Are there placements or signs or I guess just placements that are more proclivity to queerness? What are they?

C: Yes, it’s less to do with your sun sign because we’re far beyond sun sign astrology. Now we’re talking about houses, we’re talking about Uranus, which is this planet of breaking down structural, breaking down norms, breaking down things that don’t really — that is what rules like Aquarius. Looking at Aquarius, I don’t want to give too much tea, but let’s just say somebody that I used to see has Aquarius in their seventh house. Your seventh house is your house of marriage, long contracts, someone you’re going to be with for a long time. In her chart, it was ruled by Aquarius and I was like, “Interesting.” I was like, “Are you polyamorous?” She was just like, “No, I’m not poly, but I’m definitely the type of person that I can’t just be with one person, sleeping with one person. I need to be with multiple people,” and I was like, “Yes, go off. I love this.” I definitely think where Aquarius falls in your chart will tell you a lot. It makes sense. The seventh house of marriage and contracts. The seventh house, ruled by Aquarius, breaking down structures. She’s not going to have an average, typical marriage, and I think that’s really cool.

J: That’s so interesting. You think Aquarius lends itself more to queerness than other signs? Is that what you’re saying?

C: Yes. Based on where it is in your chart. I’m not saying if you’re an Aquarius, you’re not walking around as Harry Styles, with being queer. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re queer. That’s a whole other conversation that I have lots of thoughts of. Anyways, it’s not your sun sign stuff. This is deep. We’re starting to get into houses and degree theory-type stuff.

J: The degrees is something I know nothing about. I don’t know what degrees are or how they work.

C: Basically, it’s just based on the degrees, it will mean certain things in your chart. It’s nitty gritty. It’s this is fine-tuned. It’s detail-oriented stuff. I’m learning so I don’t know all of it either.

J: Do you mostly do it through books and stuff like that or through-?

C: Yes, I’m looking at a book right now that I think is incredible. Actually two books, actually three books anyways. Gemini rising, so I have “Astrology for Real Relationships” by Jessica Lanyadoo. She’s a triple Capricorn, incredible person, has a great podcast, love her work. She’s really great at breaking it down and being very Capricornian about it like, “This means this, that means that. This is that, this is that.” Love that. There’s also a lot of cool queer Black astrologers that I follow and I really try to make sure that those are the people that I’m getting my information from because the astrology is going to say the same regardless. The lens at which it’s said and the lens at which it’s looked at is going to change based on the person. If you’re only looking at astrology from a White man’s perspective, it’s not going to be, in my opinion.

J: Wait, drop their names. I want people to follow them, the Black queer astrologers you like.

C: IJaadee is incredible. She’s on Twitter, she has a Patreon subscribed. It’s $7.99. Her stuff degree theory, she goes live. IJaadee incredible. She does business-

J: The letter I and then Jade?

C: I-J-A-A-D-E-E, I don’t know, iJaadee and I will give you the information and you can put it in the-

J: Okay, perfect.

C: Not good with spelling, but iJaadee is incredible. Tarot By Bronx, another queer astrologer. They’re non-binary, they’re incredible, they have very, very beautiful work. That’s another person that I love. Another queer astrologer who’s not Black, but a queer astrologer. Channy is incredible.

J: Incredible.

C: Truly iconic on the internet, but just really good, sustainable, just good stuff. I’m trying to think of other people that I follow. There’s a couple of YouTube girlies that I really love as well that I can’t think of the name of, but I really, really love them but I like all about the Black queer astrology.

J: I think that’s so important because it does get so co-opted into a White space. Especially if you’re doing stuff on TikTok or Instagram, the algorithm will just corral that to that I feel like.

C: Yes, absolutely.

J: We had a lot of partying going on back at Penn State. Are you going out in L.A.? How is the L.A. scene for you?

C: Yes, I’m in my slut area, so I’m going out quite a bit.

J: God bless.

C: God bless, honestly, God bless. This summer I chilled a little bit. I was like, “Okay, I’m not going to do too much. I’m going to really focus on romantic friendships and really going on dates with my friends,” and then now it’s cuffing season and I’m like, “I’m trying to get booed. Don’t freak out.” The club scene in L.A. is quite interesting. Especially because I used to be doing the straight girl thing, and I no longer am cosplaying as a straight girl. Now I’m going out and going to queer clubs and queer hole-in-the-wall places that nobody knows about. Well, people know about it, but it’s fun. It’s a fun time.

J: That’s so great. What’s an ideal night out for you? Are we doing restaurants? Are you just straight to the club? Are you wanting a short night? Late night?

C: I perfected my personal algorithm for going out, for having a good night in college. You start at somebody’s house, you have to do a pregame because L.A.’s expensive as I don’t know what, so you have to do a pregame, you hit a house party. That’s your first stop at around 9, 9:30 10, 10:30. That’s what you’re doing. Then you’re figuring out your Ubering. You’re like, “Okay, what’s the Uber situation? Are we going to go to West Hollywood? Absolutely freaking not.” Unless you want to have the worst night of your life, go out to West Hollywood. You want to have a bad night? Go to West Hollywood. We’re trying to decide where we’re going to go. By that point, it’s probably around 11. You hit the club and that’s when you’re twerking on tabletops.

J: What?

C: That’s great, and then by that point, you’re so lit. You don’t need too much to drink and it’s frugal. I love a good frugal-

J: What are the neighborhoods you are liking if we’re anti-WeHo?

C: We are very anti-WeHo. I love a good Hollywood situation. I’m trying to think. I went to something called food rave for Halloween, that was fun. It was just a party in a warehouse, and it was just so queer and so Black and just so sexy. It was so much fun. That was in downtown L.A., and downtown has some good spots too. I would say downtown Hollywood, and not anything too far west or — I’m on the east side, so Los Feliz area is fun. If you want a chill night, you could do a Los Feliz area.

J: I don’t know, it’s so interesting talking to people in L.A. because it sounds like you just have to pick one area to go to and that’s your area wherein-

C: Yes, you absolutely do.

J: A very different vibe than New York, I think, for sure.

C: Oh, absolutely. Yes. You’re not hitting up multiple spots, you’re sticking to one spot because Ubers get expensive and L.A. is so spread out.

J: It’s so spread out. What drew you to L.A. as opposed to New York when you — what was the L.A. draw? The weather?

C: No actually. That’s just been an added bonus. I came to L.A. because I have a Leo moon. I was like, “I want to be in front of the camera. I want to do writing, acting, directing, all that stuff,” and I was like, “L.A. is where it’s at.” That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing out in L.A.

J: That’s awesome. I love that. Have you ever worked in the service industry, in restaurants and bars?

C: Unfortunately. I worked at Buca di Beppo on CityWalk.

J: Wait. That’s where dreams go to die. What was it like? Tell me, Eve. I love that.

C: It was awful.

J: What were you doing there, serving?

C: I was a host. I was a little host with my little bow tie and everything. It was disgusting. The service industry is so nasty because there are so many things you see behind the scenes. First of all, that place stunk every morning. I don’t know, OSHA, somebody call the police, somebody needs to check up on that because that place is disgusting. It was gross. I was a host and it was just a bunch of really gross horny dudes being like, “Smile more. You’re going to look prettier if you smile.” I’m like, “What’s going on?” It was awful. It was truly awful. I want to say I wish that was my first and last but I also worked at Starbucks. I had a little Starbucks era too but that was it because I was like, “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t.”

J: It’s not a glamorous life. Those are two pretty harrowing — the Buca di Beppo on CityWalk, that’s really something.

C: It’s awful. I think a lot of people don’t have control in their daily lives. This is their one moment to be like, “Shut up and sit down, you hostess woman.”

J: 100 percent. It’s so true. Wait, sorry my brain just fully turned off for a second. When we’re going out on a night out, what are we drinking? If we love a pregame, what’s the cocktail of choice?

C: I’m a tequila girly, personally. I love a good tequila. I love a good Casamigos. Is it Casamigos? Yes. I love a good tequila situation.

J: Absolutely.

C: Not straight soft. I’m not chugging them down like that unless it’s a wild night but I would chase it with pineapple and mango and a fruity tropical situation.

J: I love that. Wait, I want to play a game. Can I tell you my big three and then you won? Tell me what you think of it and then also-

C: I was going to ask you.

J: Wait, let’s do it. I’m a Scorpio sun.

C: I love that. That’s so hot.

J: An Aquarius moon and a Capricorn rising.

C: Oh my god. Are we playing a game or am I just reading your chart?

J: I was going to say just give me your vibes and your readings and then I think at the end, I want you to then decide what that cocktail is. If my big three is a cocktail, what is it?

C: You are a Scorpio sun which means you walk into the room and you’re like, “What are the vibes?” People probably see you unfortunately as very distant. You probably are extremely warm but, I don’t know if this is true, you might get people being like, “I thought you were going to be really mean when I first met you but you’re actually really sweet and really nice.” Intimidating vibes for sure. Scorpios give off really very sexy, sexy vibes. There’s that and then you said Aquarius moon. You’re just quietly like, “Mm-hmm.”

J: I’m excited to hear it.

C: Aquarius Moon. Aquarius moon, your moon sign is your emotional state. That’s your emotional how you deal with emotions and how you process emotions. Aquarius is very much like, “I don’t have emotions. There’s no emotions involved in the situation. Who cares? I don’t have them,” but we all have them. They’re just all bottled up inside of you and you’re just not dealing with them. The reason why I know this intimately is because my mom’s an Aquarius moon and I was like, “Oh, that puts so much in perspective. I thought it was me. It’s not me, it’s her Aquarius moon.” She’s just a very distant person and then what’s your rising? Capricorn. You’re a Capricorn rising?

J: Yes.

C: You’re about that money. You’re like, “Let’s see the contract first. How much are you paying? Because I need to get paid.” You’re about that bag. I love that. Cocktail, we need a distant, sexy, luxurious cocktail. What’s distant? I feel that’s like 1942. Something very like, “I’m the baddest, most mysterious, luxurious bitch in the room.” What would that be? What’s something that’s super expensive?

J: 1942 is a nice one. You’re saying a high-end tequila neat?

C: High-end, luxurious. It’s the most expensive thing on the menu. That’s what I’m feeling.

J: I love that. Definitely the Aquarius thing, definitely that’s my current journey is being like, “You have to actually feel emotions.” I’m actually, sorry, bad at that.

C: What are you doing to feel emotions? Are you journaling? What are you doing to get in touch?

J: I guess it’s more that for the first time in a while, I’m having a lot of emotions come up, and historically, I would be like, “No. Bottle those up. No, push them.” I was saying to someone the other day, I’ve often thought that my power in life is my ability to control my emotions. I’m able to be successful.

C: Oh, that’s a smart way to think about it.

J: That was my friend’s reaction when they were like, “Or you could learn to feel your emotions and that would be empowering.” I was like, “That’s probably healthier.” I’m currently right now trying to be comfortable feeling my feelings and not shutting that down. Do you know what I mean?

C: Yes. I love that. It’s so important.

J: Then you are Gemini rising, Leo Moon, Scorpio sun. What cocktail are you?

C: I want something frisky and fun and spontaneous. I’m like, “I don’t know what I’m going to have until I get to the bar” situation. I’m very much like, “Let’s be the life of the party. Let’s dance on tabletops so everybody else can dance on tabletops. Let’s do something fun. Let’s make out with some random person,” which I did a lot in college but I don’t do so much anymore now that I’m a grownup. I’m like, “Y’all are disgusting.” I’m very much that vibe. I did say what my cocktail choice is but I like something frisky, free, fun.

J: Like a little Margarita?

C: I love a good Margarita, a strawberry Margarita, or a tropical Margarita.

J: Oh, that’s fun. Wait, another question I have is you were mentioning earlier that you’re not or that we’re past sun astrology, that we’re looking at the big picture. What is the placement that you think is the most undervalued in terms of its importance? What is the thing that people don’t pay attention to that you’re like, “No, you need to be looking at where your this is?”

C: The sign that is the most undervalued?

J: Not the sign. You’re like, “People should really pay attention to where their Venus is,” or where they’re like, what’s in their fourth house. What is the placement or aspect that you think is a thing that’s really important in people’s charts that people aren’t paying enough attention to?

C: I am such a Scorpio and I like the deep wounds. This is an asteroid. It’s called Chiron. This is your deepest wound. Your deepest wound in your chart will tell you a lot. Mine, now I don’t want to tell you because I’m Scorpio. I’m like, “People can use this against me.” I’m so paranoid but mine personally is Leo.

J: Wait, the same. I’m a Scorpio with my Chiron and Leo.

C: Oh my God. Look at us just healing. Chiron is just that asteroid that’s going to tell you your deepest wound. Leo is feeling like you’re not seen or not heard or not validated, which is really tough. I found that there’s other celebrities that have that same placement according to Astrotheme. I don’t know if this is true but it’s Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. I don’t know if this is actually true or accurate at all whatsoever but it makes sense to me because it’s people who feel like they are not seen and heard in the way that they want to but yet put in the spotlight. Chiron for sure I think people are not paying enough attention to and I think people’s Mercury as well. We talk a lot about Venus signs which we love because it’s dating and sun signs and all that other stuff. I feel like people don’t talk about the way that they talk. The way you talk and the way you communicate to other people is really helpful in understanding. Your Mars sign. When I want to freak somebody, that’s the first thing. Immediately, I’m like, “What’s your Mars sign?” Because that’s the way you fight and f*ck. I just think your Mars as a Scorpio, that to me tells me so much about how you’re going to handle this situation. It tells me a little bit too much information.

J: That makes total sense. Those are all so interesting. I feel people don’t understand how much that there is to look into and it’s so fun to get into the nitty-gritty of it all.

C: Yes, absolutely. I love it.

J: What is your favorite of the apps? Are you a Channy girl?

C: I am a Channy girl. I use Channy every morning to meditate, I love Channy. That’s probably the only app. I’m trying to think on my phone, what do I have? Channy is my number one.

J: Channy is really good. I really like Channy. Because it’s just important to have — do you have your full chart memorized or do you-

C: Yes, I have pretty much my entire chart memorized and I’m working on memorizing my houses and stuff like that, but yes.

J: I think I’m constantly like, “Wait, which one’s where?” It’s hard but I get there.

C: Then you get to a point where you start memorizing your friends’ charts as well. You’re like, “Oh, my friend has this Mercury, so sometimes when she talks she goes off on tangents and she’s going to tell the story because she’s a Pisces Mercury, she’s going to tell this story that has nothing to do with the point, but just smile and nod and that’s okay.”

J: I thought it was really interesting what you said about using — I guess this isn’t a question, I just wanted to say before we wrap up. I think it’s really interesting what you were saying about realizing with your mom having an Aquarius moon. When you find out those things, it can help you contextualize something you’ve struggled with in the past and be like, “Oh, now I get that.”

C: We don’t need to do a therapy session, but I really thought I was weird and my mom thought was I weird and too emotional? That’s my mom’s number one thing. She’s like, “You’re too emotional. You’re doing too many emotions. There’s too much going on.” I’m like, “My emotions are my superpowers. That’s how my intuition works. That’s how I lead.” She’d be like, “No, you need to have a plan of action, Virgo. Son, you need to have a plan of action and take the emotions out of it. Take the emotions-

J: That’s me too.

C: I’m like, “What the heck?” I’m like, “What is that? What is that?” I thought it was me. thought it was a fault of me. Then she was like, “Wait, I want to do my chart.” I’m like, “This Christian, super-evangelical woman was like, “I want to do my chart too.”‘ I was like, “Okay.” I read it and I’m like, “She has an Aquarius freaking moon.” It had nothing to do with me. My entire childhood I was like, “I thought I was just this emotional wailing, crying, person.” It’s like, “No, for her, emotions are uncomfortable for her.” She was projecting that onto me and I thought it was me. It had nothing to do with me. It was her the whole time.

J: See, I’m not like that, just for those listening, to be clear. I don’t project it onto other people, but that’s just how feel about myself.

C: She’s old school. We’re talking old-school situation, grew up in the ’80s, so it’s a little different.

J: This has been so, so fun. I end all my interviews by us planning our night out together.

C: Ooh.

J: Can I make a pitch?

C: Yes, pitch.

J: I think we should do a cocktail bar because I want to sit down and just really go over our charts.

C: Yes, I would love that.

J: I want some nice drinks and want some good convo and I want to be able to hear you and want to be able to sit.

C: I think honestly since we’re pitching things and this might not exist and it should exist. I feel there should be an astrology-themed mixology bar and I feel like-

J: That’s got to exist already.

C: -that would be really fun.

J: I feel that has to exist already.

C: Exactly. The bartender’s got to be an astrologer and you’re just like, “Okay, I’ve got a Leo moon.” They’re like, “Perfect. Let’s freaking go.”

J: I would love that. Okay, gorg. We’ll meet up, we’ll get drinks, we’ll go over our charts, and then we’ll draft the business plan for this bar.

C: Yes.

J: Perfect.

C: Absolutely. I love this.

J: Thank you so much for doing the show.

C: Thank you for having me on. This is so much fun. I love talking about astrology.

J: This was so fun. We’ll hit you up when it’s ready to get released. I think that’s pretty much it, but this has been so, so fun. Thank you so much.

C: Thank you again. This was exciting.

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