Nothing beats a late-night bite after an evening of cocktails and bar hopping. Ideal candidates for the occasion include something cheap and fried, and often involve some sort of gooey cheese. Chances are, you probably have a go-to spot or dish for your favorite post-drinking sustenance.

Whether dining out or ordering in, that’s certainly the case for VinePair staffers. From Italian staples to halal, and breakfast served both before and after sunrise, here are our favorite foods to enjoy after a night out.

“Sausage, egg, and cheese from the bodega makes everything awesome again.” —Keith Beavers, tastings director

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“Nothing beats a good chicken parm sub and a basket of fresh mozzarella sticks with warm marinara sauce.” —Robert Gearity, senior director, integrated marketing

“My days of heading to a diner or slice spot to eat food after a long night of drinking are primarily behind me at this point. But my general routine is to drink plenty of water when I get home and then opt for a good breakfast in the morning, usually toast, eggs, and espresso. —Adam Teeter, ceo & co-founder

“I’m looking for the cheesiest slice of pizza I can find. It’s a basic order, I know, but an absolute need.” —Nicolette Baker, news writer

“If I can’t get my hands on a decent slice(s) of pizza — emphasis on decent, at the very least — a chicken pesto panini has been my tried-and-true option as of late (you’d be surprised how many bodegas have them). In a last-ditch effort, and if all else fails, a corner halal cart serving lamb shawarma over rice hasn’t let me down.” —Dario Foroutan, social editor

“After a night out, my go-to snack is pizza if I’m already out. But if it’s super late, I’ll go for some frozen snacks at home, like Bagel Bites or frozen dumplings.” —Bobbie Thorn, account manager, brand partnerships & activations

“For me, the perfect ending to a night out in NYC involves a slice of chicken bacon ranch from Rosa’s Pizza in Williamsburg, followed by a stop at my favorite 24-hour spot for Pedialyte, and bodega cat pets. But if I’m back home in North Carolina — and y’all know where this is going — I’m getting a Cook Out tray. Every. Dang. Time. One that’s piled high with cajun fries, hush puppies, onion rings, a corn dog, and an Oreo mint milkshake on the side for good measure.” —Sylvie Baggett, branded content editor

“If it’s been a good night, Joe’s Pizza. If it’s been a bad night, Joe’s Pizza.” —Katie Brown, editor

“I always find that I’m craving a thousand things after a big night out so I don’t have a solid go-to, but I will absolutely never say no to halal. My favorite is falafel over rice with extra cucumbers and white sauce. So delicious and perfect for eating after a night of drinking.” —Olivia White, editorial assistant

“If in the neighborhood, Joe’s pepperoni pizza, but if not then any pizza will do the trick.” —Jenny Riddell, director of brand partnerships & events

“Whether ending a late night or needing something salty and comforting the next day, I always choose between Chinese food or Pizza/Italian. Chicken and broccoli with cold sesame noodles, or a pizza and pasta combo will always do the trick for me.” —Lyndsey Corin, director, brand partnerships and sales

“Insomnia Cookies is definitely my go-to after a late night out. The beauty of splitting a box with a group is getting to sample each kind of cookie, commitment-free. The best part is that they’re open super late, which makes them a perfect late-night pit stop.” —Alex Andersen, art intern

“My go-to snack after a night out is definitely a fresh batch of steaming hot mozzarella sticks.” —Jessica Fields, assistant editor

“Chips (fries, to our American readers), cheese, and curry sauce was a staple for my London-based, late-teens-to-early-20s self. To the naysayers out there I say: Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! These days, however, I’ll usually hold off on food until the next day — a decent bagel will do the trick if it’s been an eventful night on the tiles.” —Tim McKirdy, managing editor