Give the Gift of Crown Royal This Season, No Wrapping Required

For thousands of years, the color purple has signified luxury and nobility. In ancient times, purple was worn only by the upper echelon of society, instantly denoting a wearer’s wealth as producing even minuscule amounts of the dye was incredibly expensive. In the Byzantine Empire, rulers exclusively wore purple, and their heirs were described as “being born in the purple.”

Though it’s no longer just for emperors, kings, and queens, that connotation carries on today. Given Crown Royal’s history with royalty, it’s no surprise that each bottle of the exquisitely blended Canadian whisky comes robed in a luxurious purple velvet bag.

Like the whisky, the bag is a testament to the brand’s iconic history. In 1939, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth were the first English monarchs to visit Canada. Looking to impress the esteemed visitors, a whisky entrepreneur made it his mission to craft a whisky that was, quite literally, fit for a king. Six hundred tastings later, a cut-glass decanter of the meticulously crafted spirit was sheathed in a regal purple bag with golden stitching and presented to the couple. They loved it so much that 10 cases were promptly loaded onto the train that would take the royals across the country, firmly establishing Crown Royal as a luxury whisky.

Give the Gift of Royalty

Presentation matters, especially during the season of giving. A wrapped present, one with crisply folded wrapping paper and a perfectly curled bow, sparks joy before the contents are even revealed. The same is true for Crown Royal.

No matter which whisky you gift, from the original Crown Royal Deluxe to the Northern Harvest Rye Whisky, the experience of untying a luxe velvet pouch elevates the whisky inside — a tall order considering the rigorous standards Crown Royal upholds.

To make the best whisky, it takes the best ingredients. About 80 percent of the rye, corn, and barley used to create Crown Royal is sourced from Manitoba and other nearby provinces. The grains have a natural resilience from enduring harsh Canadian weather conditions, resulting in unique flavors you can’t find in other whiskies.

Five mash bills and 12 distillation columns create dozens of different whiskies that are then expertly blended and aged to perfection in either new or reused charred oak barrels, resulting in Crown Royal’s extensive portfolio. Any expression you choose is guaranteed to make an impression.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

What’s better than a present that’s already beautifully adorned, with no assembly required? When you give a bottle of Crown Royal, there’s no need to worry about honing your wrapping skills or what festive bag will do it justice. The hard work is already done for you.

Unlike wrapping paper, the sumptuous velvet bag exists long after the present (in this case, award-winning whisky) is opened. Its uses and longevity are limited only by one’s creativity. It makes for a chic travel bag or storage for keepsakes, transforming itself into a gift that keeps on giving.

From the initial unboxing to pouring the very last sip, every moment is emblematic of the whisky itself: smooth, rich, and easily savored.

A Tradition of Generosity

In 2010, Crown Royal started The Purple Bag Project, a program that works with charity partner Packages From Home to supply active military personnel with care packages filled with mementos of home. To date, Crown Royal and its charitable partners have packed care packages for over 1 million servicemen and women.

To continue the tradition of generosity, Crown Royal has created a digital collectible. U.S. residents 21 years old and older can nominate a loved one for “That Deserves a Crown.” For each digital collectible claimed by Dec. 31, one Crown Royal purple bag will be packed and sent to a military member stationed overseas.

When you give a bottle of Crown Royal, you’re giving so much more than a bottle of expertly blended Canadian whisky — you’re giving a piece of history swathed in a premium bag and, perhaps most importantly, offering a loved one a reminder of home.

This article is sponsored by Crown Royal