Editorial Thanksgiving

It seemed as though the election results were barely in before a terrifying thought occurred to us all. Whether we were horrified by the results or enraptured by them, it seemed like we were all instantly, nationally consumed by a new dread: Thanksgiving. On top of all the usual family drama, we now have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to tear American families apart.

The internet is awash in stories of people refusing to go home or people planning to self-medicate their way through the holidays (#SurvivalGuideToThanksgiving). And we get it — it’s going to be rough. But here at VinePair, we don’t see alcohol as escapism. We see alcohol as culture. We see drinking as a conduit to a special, meaningful kind of interaction. We believe that wine and beer and spirits can enhance meals and improve family time. We believe that your friendships and your family relationships can benefit from a drink or two. And sometimes, after that second beer, your uncle who loves to hunt or your vegan niece stop grating so harshly on your nerves.

We believe that a drink or two can help you access your best self — yes, by forgetting the last thing your mother said, or by not taking too seriously what your granddaughter just insinuated. We believe that a drink can ease you back into your best self, your most compassionate self, your most forgiving, most accommodating self. And it’s that self you’ll need — in spades — on Thanksgiving.

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So whatever went down on Nov. 8, family is family. And no matter who your family voted for (or your friends if you’re going to a Friendsgiving), these are your people. And anyway, you can’t change their minds if you don’t show up. Bringing a beautiful bottle of wine doesn’t hurt, either.