Americans have grown used to a wine, beer, and spirits landscape populated with an ever-growing range of products from all over the globe, often at very attractive prices. Those products reach our shores in a range of ways, but of growing importance is a vast network of small and specialty importers whose esoteric products greatly enhance our store shelves and restaurant lists. Now, these businesses, and the jobs they represent, are in grave danger. Should the Trump Administration choose to implement its proposed 100 percent tariffs on European wines, spirits, and many other specialty food items, the vast majority will disappear.

That’s the topic of this week’s VinePair podcast, where Adam and Zach are joined by one of those small importers, Mary Taylor of Mary Taylor Wines, to talk about the massive trauma these tariffs would create in the beverage world, and how all of us can work to try to avoid this needless and cruel action.


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