From its humble roots in Veneto to its rightful place as a global icon, the Spritz inspires appetites and taste buds all over, from rooftop bars to brunch tables.

The beauty of a Spritz is its versatility. Sure, there are giants of the Spritz world like Campari and Aperol, but that bottle of sparkling wine in your fridge pairs well with a wide range of apéritifs. For those seeking an exciting new option that is less bitter and lacking that syrupy viscosity, there’s Le Moné.

Spritzes get a bright makeover with this Meyer lemon apéritif. Le Moné is a relative newcomer on the scene, but we’ve found its light and lively profile so dynamic that we compiled a list of reasons to make Le Moné your new Spritz staple.

1. Low ABV

Apéritifs should open up your taste buds and start your evening off right, so it’s important that the ABV is manageable. Le Moné clocks in at 16 percent ABV, meaning you can enjoy a glass or two before your meal without ending up in bed before the real fun begins.

2. America’s Favorite Bright Lemon Flavor

It’s time to talk about the perfectly blended citrus botanicals that give Le Moné its signature flavor profile. It starts with aromatic, perfumed Meyer lemon peel. The team behind Le Moné then uses Italian bergamot to accentuate the flavor, adding floral notes of honeysuckle. Finally, three types of lime contribute to pithy complexity without the harsh, bitter notes.

3. Simple, Well-Sourced Ingredients

In addition to the signature citrus bouquet, Le Moné’s unique flavor is influenced by its main ingredient: white wine. The fortified wine is crafted from grapes grown in New York’s Finger Lakes region — white wine lovers, take note! Its light body, spirit-like warmth, bright acidity, and aromatic lemon-lime notes perfectly complement the Meyer lemon. A touch of organic agave offers a touch of sweetness, and each thoughtfully sourced ingredient guarantees you’re treating yourself right.

4. Versatility

Meyer lemons are known for their sweet and sour notes, making them a treat to mix with other ingredients. Try switching up the fizz in your Spritz or combining Le Moné with your favorite tequila or vodka. You can even add amaro to the apéritif for an exciting new world of flavor. But really, Meyer lemon pairs with, well, everything! You can even sip Le Moné on its own over ice.

5. Simple & Easy to Make Spritz

Le Moné has made it easy to create a perfect Spritz. Because of its low sugar content, which is about ⅕ of the leading apéritif, and light body, club soda isn’t necessary. All you need is some brut Prosecco, which balances perfectly with the sweetness of the apéritif, in a 50/50 mix. Finish it with a lemon twist garnish and a green grape for a cute touch!

6. Elegant Design

The chic design of Le Moné bottles conveys the utmost luxury while you sip on your Le Moné Spritz. Crafted from recycled glass sourced from Northern Italy, the bold and bright colors really accentuate the clear, snappy, and crisp flavor of Le Moné.

Try your own Le Moné Spritz today!