Eat Your Guinness This St. Patty’s Day With These 10 Delicious Recipes

This St. Patrick’s Day, you can have your beer and eat it too — no seriously, you can actually drink your Guinness alongside a delicious recipe that incorporates Ireland’s favorite stout into the mix. Whether you prefer salty, savory, or sweet, there’s a Guinness recipe out there for everyone. We’ve rounded up the 10 most mouthwatering recipes that incorporate Guinness to make sure your Irish fix is fully satisfied. Grab a can and get to cooking!

Hearty Beef & Stout Stew

Guinness Stout Hearty Beef and Stout Stew DIY At home Recipe
Photo via My Recipes

For a classic Irish dinner, look no further than this hearty beef and stout stew recipe. We love the texture of the cremini mushrooms alongside the beef. Plus, the soy sauce gives it an extra kick of umami.

Irish Beer Cheese Fondue

Irish Cheddar and Beer Cheese Fondue DIY at home easy recipe
Photo via The Merry Thought

Who doesn’t love fondue on a chilly night? Pair Guinness with this delicious beer-cheese recipe for a delectable dipping experience. Disclaimer: You will be FULL.

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Guinness Bread with Molasses

Guinness Bread with Molasses At home easy bread cake breakfast
Photo via Simply Recipes

Who says you can’t have Guinness for breakfast? This bread is heavenly along with a nice (Irish) coffee.

Guinness Pulled Pork

Guinness Pulled Pork Sliders sweet and savory bar snack delicious
Photo via Gimme Some Oven

These pulled pork sliders make a perfect at-home happy hour snack for St. Patrick’s Day festivities. We recommend making extras — your friends will love these.

Stout & Honey Beef Roast

Classic Irish Dinner Stout and Honey Beef Roast
Photo via Taste of Home

Another classically Irish dish to celebrate the day. The combination of honey, cinnamon, and thyme with a cold, malty Guinness is to die for.

Guinness Brownies

Easy to make Simple delicious guinness chocolate fudgy brownies
Photo via Heather Christo

O.K., who doesn’t love brownies? Better yet, who doesn’t love stout brownies? That’s what we thought. Forget dessert wine — the chocolatey notes of Guinness make it the perfect pairing for these fudgy brownies.

Potato Cheddar Guinness Soup

Potato and Irish Cheddar Soup hot warm savory comfort food
Photo via Simply Recipes

Who says surviving on a liquid diet is hard? When said diet is composed of Guinness soup and Guinness beer, we actually find it rather easy. Plus, potatoes and Guinness — does it get any more Irish than that?

Guinness and Irish Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese

Guinness and Irish Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese DIY At Home Recipe
Photo via Celebrating Sweets

Macaroni & cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and just what we want to be eating with our beer. When prepared with Irish cheddar and Guinness, it’s a whole new level of delicious.

Guinness Glazed Nuts

easy DIY Guinness glazed nuts bar snack
Photo via Zagleft

For a simple, Irish-tinged bar snack, whip up a quick batch of these Guinness-glazed nuts for a sweet & salty snack.

Guinness Pretzel Truffles

Sweet and Salty chocolate guinness pretzel truffles
Photo via Sprinkle Bakes

We had to end it on a high note. Stout-infused truffle pretzels for dessert, anyone?