Mapped & Ranked: The NFL’S Drunkest Fans This Season (2017)

We’re back with a new edition of the infamous NFL Fandom sobriety map we put together with our friends at BACtrack. The original 2015 map was a viral sensation, drawing so much attention to the intoxicated activities of Buffalo’s fans that the Erie County Sheriff’s Office responded. It noted that the city had been working hard to clean things up around New Era Field, and our data confirms that. Buffalo, coming in hot at 0.076 BAC for No. 1 back in 2015, eased into 19th place this year, slightly below the league-wide average at .040. And that’s a trend that extends around the league. Average BAC is down from 0.047 to 0.040 compared to 2015. Further, this year’s “winner,” the Cowboys at 0.062, would have only tied for fifth-most intoxicated two years ago. Cheers to responsible drinking!

After you explore the map, be sure to head over to BACtrack’s blog for more insights and interactive tools to explore this year’s drinking data. Its data team has discovered an interesting and unexpected relationship between a franchise’s longterm success on the field and its fans’ sobriety.

The Drunkest Fans In The NFL - 2017 MAP by VinePair and BACtrack

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