With all the data out there supporting people buying more wine for home consumption, I can understand having more bottles than usual on hand. The easiest answer to this question is to recycle them, but if you’re feeling crafty, there’s a ton of other options available as well.

One of the most popular options is turning your bottles into garden crafts. You could make a bird feeder, use them to make wind chimes, or even repurpose them as citronella candle holders. All of these crafts can be made without getting a bit dangerous and cutting glass. If, however, you’re feeling up to the challenge (and have the proper safety supplies), you could buy this glass cutter kit and turn your bottles into tumblers, or fill them with wax and make candles. But let’s be honest, are you really that ambitious?

Like I said above, these projects are for craft people, which I am not, so I just recycle them and call it a day.

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