It’s often been said that marriage can drive someone to drink. Now, thanks to data we’ve obtained from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, we can prove it’s true.

But while marriage is certainly a factor that drives Americans to drink more, it isn’t the main culprit. That would be divorce.

If there is one thing Americans find more stressful than being married, it’s separating from their partner. In fact, only eight percent of all Americans who are divorced say they never drink alcohol, compared to the almost 20 percent who are single and never drink a drop.

But those who actually drink the least are widows, at 50 percent. We can only hope the reason for this is that they had such a fulfilling life with the person they loved, that this was all they need.

Does Marriage drive you to drink?

What happens if we step back and take a broader view of the data? Here’s what it looks like when you ask the same folks if they have ever consumed alcohol.

Marital Status Vs Having Ever Consumed Alcohol