Dive Into Summer With Riva de la Rosa White Wines

Temperatures are rising, and the days are getting longer, which means we’ve officially entered white wine season. After all, nothing complements summer like a festive garden party or a pasta salad on the back patio with the perfect Sauvignon Blanc or Vermentino.

Except, perhaps, a decadent Mediterranean vacation. Ideally, we would all spend the languid days and warm nights of summer relaxing at a Cyprus-lined villa or lounging beneath a striped umbrella on the Amalfi Coast. But for those of us whose plans are closer to a sunset terrace apéritif or an evening backyard grilling with friends and family, Riva de la Rosa wines offer a miniature Italian summer inside each bottle.

A Trip to the Italian Shore for the Senses

Riva de la Rosa, which translates to “Shore of the Rose,” is named for the vibrant blooms that watch over its lush vineyards. The wines in this portfolio are curated from the best white wine regions across Italy’s many well-known wine districts. With vines cooled by the breezes of the various seas including the Mediterranean, Ionian, Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, and Ligurian, this singular collection is known for its crisp, light-bodied whites with wide versatility. It is truly a taste of la dolce vita that honors centuries of Italian viticulture.  Selected under the stewardship of the Riboli Family Wines, these authentic varieties are making a splash stateside, offering new generations the chance to sample some of Italy’s most notable growing regions.

The portfolio’s low-acidity varietals are terroir-driven, exemplifying the best of Italian winemaking regions like Piemonte, Toscana, Marche, and Lazio. The collection’s latest addition of Sauvignon Blanc is cultivated in the legendary Friuli region — which has been celebrated since Roman times for its superior white wines.

The original collection of Vermentino, Gavi, Verdicchio, and Frascati, are classic Italian whites, known for being fresh and delicious. Their layered, bright taste is the result of cool, sea-salt-misted air and mineral-rich soils. Riva de la Rosa is heralded for its dedication to sustainable farming, including the practice of low-yielding blends, which creates both greater flavor complexity and reduces waste.

All in the Grapes

Riva de la Rosa’s varietals have a lighter body and lower alcohol due to cooler coastal influences, making them versatile for all occasions and countless food pairings. The winemaking team’s ability to meticulously select each grape for its legendary characteristics, honoring the unique magic of the varietal’s regional expressions, shouldn’t be overlooked. No matter which white wine you pick, a journey for the palate awaits.

Sauvignon Blanc

A pale yellow hue invites a sophisticated bouquet with full flavor. Layered notes of tropical fruit and melon, capped by aromas of orange blossom and sage, make it versatile — but with an edge. These nuances of flavor are unique to Sauvignon Blanc from Friuli, attributed to the crisp winds blowing in from the Alps and its proximity to the Adriatic Sea. Alluvial plain and sandy soils influence the grape’s flavor, producing a fresh, vibrant Sauvignon Blanc.

Pairs well with: Blue cheese and fig hors d’oeuvres, herb-roasted game pheasant, light chicken dishes, and pear and berry fruit tarts.


Vermentino is renowned in its DOC as “the wine of the sun and the sea.”  Its distinct character is owed to the sun-drenched growing regions of coastal Tuscany and the island of Sardinia. While it shares traits with Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling, its unique complexity unfolds with each sip, a testament to its cultivation in rocky soils. These conditions foster a superior texture, high acidity, and a refined minerality, resulting in flavors reminiscent of stone fruit, citrus, and honey blossom.

Pairs well with: Seafood, paella, root vegetable roasts, rich dark chocolate cake.


Riva de la Rosa’s Gavi varietal, made entirely from Cortese grapes, is grown in the hills of Terre del Gavi on the border between Monferrato and Liguria, where local winemaking traditions can be traced back to 900 A.D. In this sunny, hilly territory, vines thrive on the cool air that blows off the Ligurian, the buffering effects of the nearby Apennine mountain creating an ideal natural cradle to support each grape’s maturity. Soils rich in clay marl create a minerality within the wine, along with bright citrus and floral notes, making it ideal for lighter seasonal dishes.

Pairs well with: Olive tapenade and crudites, lemon roasted potatoes, fennel and vegetable dishes, white fish, and apple pie.


Frascati is known as “the wine of kings and popes” as well as the “golden wine of the Romans” for its historic popularity among Italy’s elite and influential circles A blend made from Malvasia, Grechetto, Trebbiano, and Bombino grapes, Frascati’s primary growing locations sit on the rim of a dormant volcano just outside Rome, lending to cultivation in the rich soil while nourished by plentiful sunshine and cool breezes off the Tyrrhenian Sea. These unique conditions produce a versatile, layered white that pairs delightfully with a variety of dishes and boasts a regal aftertaste.

Pairs well with: Mezze (olives, hummus, or pickled vegetables), salmon, crisp salads, grilled meats, cherries, and vanilla ice cream.


Sheltered by the Apennine Mountains surrounding Marche, and cooled by the salty winds of Italy’s eastern coastline, Riva de la Rosa’s Verdicchio has a crisp taste and boasts sophisticated and sunny notes of citrus, stone fruit, and almond. Known for its “seashell minerality” and good structure, this varietal is best served slightly chilled, and preferably outdoors surrounded by friends and family. 

Pairs well with: Crisp summer salads, roasted vegetables, couscous with pine nuts, roasted game bird, berry tarts.

Salud With Each Sip

“We’re proud to showcase unique white wine varietals from several of Italy’s most iconic winemaking regions,” says Steve Riboli, third-generation family member, owner, and president of Riboli Family Wines. “These areas are rich in quality, beauty, and the history of winemaking. With Riva de la Rosa, we want to bring these extraordinary varietals to wine lovers across the U.S., offering a true taste of Italy.” Light and approachable, consider Riva de la Rosa’s varietals the perfect tour guide for experiencing the essence of an Italian vacation this summer — even if you’re barely leaving the block.

This article is sponsored by Riva de la Rosa.