Mezzacorona’s DiNotte Red Blend Is the Perfect Pairing for Valentine’s Day

Bold, seductive, captivating, authentic, and unforgettable; these are all characteristics of a great love — and a great red wine. Romance and wine have been a long-standing requisite pairing, and what better time to celebrate the two in tandem than on Valentine’s Day? When the sun sinks below the horizon and the day of lovers is overtaken by the dark seduction of night, christening your Valentine’s Night with a bottle of Mezzacorona’s new seductive DiNotte Red Blend is a must.

Italian for “at night,” DiNotte was inspired by the beauty of the night. Stretching from Lake Garda to the foothills of northern Italy’s dramatic Dolomites, Mezzacorona’s trellised vineyards are a romantic sight to behold. Much like love, the entire region is stunning, fresh, humbling, and inspiring at every turn. Equally breathtaking are the vistas of Trentino at night, enveloped in darkness, a blank canvas punctured by a glittering canopy of stars and the twinkling of lights from villages lining the foothills. At night, it feels as if the universe belongs to you and you alone.

It is here, amidst the gorgeous geography of Trentino, that the Mezzacorona estate has been making wine for over 100 years. During the day, warmth from the strong Mediteranean sun is embraced and held by the valley, helping to ripen fruit on the vines. The towering Dolomites cast veils of much-needed shade onto the vineyards, protecting the fruit. As evening falls and night breaks, temperatures in the valley can drop a staggering 40 degrees as cool air floats in from the mountains, lakes, and rivers, helping the grapes hold their acidity.

Though Trentino-Alto Adige is one of the smallest wine regions in Italy, the diverse number of unique microclimates allow several different types of grapes to prosper in its soils. Mezzacorona’s long history of growing grapes in the region makes it the perfect matchmaker between grape and geography, carefully cultivating specific grapes in the terroir zones best suited for their success.

Mezzacorona’s DiNotte Red Blend

For the DiNotte blend, Mezzacorona uses a trifecta of grapes: Teroldego and Marzemino — two indigenous grapes — and the internationally cultivated Merlot grape. In fact, Mezzacorona is the largest producer of the grape in the region, and even helped to secure its DOC status back in the 1970s. As the core grape of its DiNotte blend, the Teroldego contributes a full-bodied structure with deep flavors of juicy dark fruits like red currants, blueberries, and blackberries. The Marzemino adds again to the wine’s juicy fruit profile but with a lighter body, and leaves its mark by imparting soft tannins and a perfume of floral notes. Finally, Merlot rounds out the blend by adding a luxurious softness as well as warming notes of vanilla and cocoa.

As with crafting the perfect romance or cultivating a deep love, the wine process behind DiNotte requires patience, practice, and intimacy. The vineyards are farmed sustainably and the grapes are hand-picked from the vines. After harvest, the Teroldego and Marzemino grapes undergo a classic red wine vinification at 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit with added yeasts for 12 to 13 days. Next, both the Teroldego and Merlot are matured in lightly roasted, three-year-old French oak barrels. After careful blending, the wine is bottled on the estate, ready, waiting to be discovered, opened, and enjoyed.

In the glass, DiNotte is a dark and seductive velvety red. After it passes the lips, it intrigues with a well-structured and full-bodied mouthfeel; soft and juicy, bright and floral, deep and aromatic. The result is a captivating red blend that feeds both the senses and the sensual, making it a go-to pairing with whatever the hidden desires of the night may bring.

The DiNotte can be paired perfectly with a variety of delicious foods. Photo Credit: Instagram profile @youhadmeatbordeaux

DiNotte is also an exquisite complement for romantic Valentine’s dinners, from beginning to end. Enjoy a glass with hearty appetizers, baked pasta entrees, juicy grilled lamb or beef, and succulent roasted chicken. Couples, don’t be afraid to turn up the heat; we dare you to be bold and pair this luscious and bright red with hot and spicy cuisine or tantalizing dishes full of fragrant warming spices such as Chinese five spice, cardamon, clove, or ginger. Pour another glass for dessert, take it out on the patio, and toast to the night sky, full of secrets, possibilities, and surprise.

This Feb. 14, celebrate the experience and intimacy of great love and a great red wine. Pour a glass, gift a bottle, discover where the night takes you, and allow yourself to be seduced after the sun goes down. Forget Valentine’s Day—this year, everyone knows the best things come out di Notte.

This article is sponsored by Mezzacorona DiNotte.