Diálogos con Familia: Steven Gonzalez [Video]

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Nineteen years ago, New York City welcomed mixologist Steven Gonzalez into its bustling city. In return, he offered the city – and its imbibers – a taste of his home in Colombia through his passion for his craft. “My style of mixology is very personal,” he says. “I want to bring that special touch, that sazón, into everything that I do.”

Striking the perfect balance between familiarity and exploration, Gonzalez often combines expected ingredients with the unusual, creating something that is uniquely his. “I draw inspiration from my heritage all the time,” he says. “To me, a brand like PATRÓN®, [a brand] that shares those values of community, [it] holds a very close place in my heart.”

This creativity is what led Gonzalez to win the 2021 USBG Perfectionist Competition sponsored by PATRÓN Tequila, further cementing his status as one of NYC’s top bartenders. Utilizing PATRÓN Silver Tequila, Gonzalez crafted his signature cocktail inspired by a passion fruit dessert his mother would make for him and his sister back in Colombia. A combination of condensed milk, lime juice, passion fruit, and PATRÓN Silver Tequila fat washed with clarified butter epitomizes the flavors of his home country.

“Bringing something that is a part of you, your growing up, into a glass and [seeing how a guest’s] face lights up – it’s priceless.”

Video by: Marshall McDonald

This article is sponsored by PATRÓN.