Airing between regular episodes of the VinePair Podcast, “Covid-19 Conversations” takes an inside look at how the coronavirus crisis is impacting all areas of the alcohol business.

In this installment of Covid-19 Conversations, VinePair CEO Adam Teeter interviews Malcolm Gosling, president and CEO of Gosling’s International, the world-famous company best known for its Black Seal Rum and trademarked cocktail, the Dark ‘N’ Stormy.

As a seventh-generation member of Bermuda’s oldest business, Gosling speaks about the inseparable relationship between Gosling’s rum and its island home of Bermuda. While Bermuda is facing losses in its yearly tourism, previously forecasted to reach 700,000 people, Malcolm Gosling emphasizes his support for the local economy. He also discusses the logistics of pivoting from an event-marketing business model toward one that focuses on digital marketing during these times.

Gosling also talks about his immense gratitude and admiration for the rum industry, and shares an optimistic view of renewal of appreciation for the hospitality industry.

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