Airing between regular episodes of the VinePair Podcast, “Covid-19 Conversations” takes an inside look at how the coronavirus crisis is impacting all areas of the alcohol business.

In this installment of “Covid-19 Conversations,” VinePair CEO Adam Teeter interviews Joe Campanale and David Foss, co-owners of LaLou, one of Brooklyn’s most talked-about wine bars. LaLou is undeniably wine-focused, with a selection of artisanal Eastern and Central European wines that are natural, organic, biodynamic, and independently produced.

Campanale and Foss dive into this discussion by outlining their early and in-progress decision-making strategies during the coronavirus pandemic. From swiftly establishing a LaLou Employee Fund, to slowly starting Saturday wine sales (with safety precautions), the duo has continually prioritized employee well-being as well as that of their patrons.

Foss, who is also a partner in the restaurant and bar consulting firm Invictus Hospitality, also speaks to Adam about national consumer behaviors he is seeing through this role, explaining why restaurants and bars outside of New York City will reopen and are already reopening sooner than businesses here.

Grateful for continued local and community support, the two LaLou owners will be hosting a series of wine tastings weekly on Zoom. Classes are $15 per person and BYO wine. Register for the next class on LaLou’s website here.

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