There’s a common belief that if you consider yourself a wine lover, you are under some sort of moral imperative to start a wine collection. Anyone who takes wine seriously must of course have a collection of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of bottles slowly reaching their ideal state — carefully indexed and tracked to ensure optimal consumption. The reality is … messier. Whether due to lack of space, lack of funds, or just a lack of interest, plenty of wine lovers never own more than a case of wine at a time.

So, is wine collecting worth your time? If you are so inclined, how do you even go about starting a collection, and how do you know when to drink those bottles you’ve been hoarding? If you want to drink older wines but can’t or don’t want to age them yourself, what do you do? On this week’s episode of the VinePair podcast, Adam and Zach answer those questions and many more about collecting wine (and whiskey, too).

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