Recently, VinePair released our list of the top 25 rosés of 2019. Like any list of top wines, we spent a ton of time tasting, discussing, and debating hundreds of potential bottles before settling on the top contenders, and that process brought to light a few interesting trends in the world of pink wine. Firstly, many of the top rosés we tasted came from less-familiar places and varieties, indicating that the French (and Provençal) stranglehold on the category may be loosening. Secondly, a wider range of shades and hues of pink all provided enjoyment, meaning that shopping by color alone might not be enough these days.

On this week’s episode of the VinePair podcast, Adam and Zach are joined by VinePair editor-in-chief Emily Saladino and Tastings Director Keith Beavers to discuss the creation of the list, the challenges of shopping for rosé without guidance, and much more about this summertime favorite.

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