Sustainability Visualized: Explore Chilean Wine Country [Infographic]

The varied climates and shifting topographies of Chile’s most famous wine regions, which stretch from Mediterranean-like Bio-Bio in the south to arid Elqui in the north, make for bottlings with a tremendous range of aromas and flavors. It also means, however, that achieving sustainability isn’t a one-size-fits-all equation.

With different vineyards fueled by everything from volcanic, granite, and quartz-spiked soils to temperate coastal breezes, the needs of every team vary across Chilean wine country. However, what unites the nation’s various producers is a growing focus on sustainability, and today Chile is leading the charge in sustainable wine production. Wineries are increasingly turning their focus toward slashing energy consumption, conserving precious water resources, ditching chemicals, and investing in their local communities.

Ever evolving, here’s how producers are answering the question: How does one sustainably make high-quality wine in Chile?

infographic mapping sustainability across Chilean wine producers
infographic mapping sustainability across Chilean wine producers

This article is sponsored by Wines of Chile. Infographic designed by Ariela Basson.