Taste Over 260 Years of History With Camarena Tequila

The rich history of Camarena’s award-winning tequilas goes back over two and a half centuries to the year 1761. This is when the Camarena family co-founded the town of Arandas in Jalisco. Now heralded as an epicenter of artisanal tequila from the Mexican highlands, also known as Los Altos, Arandas is steeped in culture and tradition.

Each bottle of Camarena tequila represents over 260 years of stories from the highlands of Jalisco. The largest bell in Mexico, La Reina del Silencio, is located in the heart of Arandas. It is a symbol of the call to gather together, much like a bottle of Camarena. The shape of La Reina del Silencio is mimicked in each glass bottle of Camarena, cementing it too as a calling card to celebrate with those near and dear. And what better time to connect and toast to life than this holiday season of conviviality?  

Blending Tradition and Modernity

Camarena tequila has been globally recognized for its portfolio of tequilas. Each expression, Silver, Reposado, and Añejo, has won multiple awards. Creating award-winning tequila naturally begins with the best ingredients. Camarena prides itself on only using 100 percent blue weber agave.

Once each plant reaches maturity, the agave is carefully selected and hand harvested by a jimador, an expert agave harvester, using a traditional coa de jima. The jimador is a time-honored profession that is customarily passed down from generation to generation. With each generation, knowledge and wisdom are transferred on to the next, helping to create a well-crafted product, one that’s made with integrity and expertise.

Camarena’s proprietary method of creating tequila is a beautiful blend of both tradition and modernity, which brings about complex yet consistent batched spirits in every bottle. Traditional stone ovens are used to cook the agave and once the rich agave juice is extracted, it is then distilled in Old World pot stills. This provides unique layers of textures and tastes to delight one’s senses. To ensure consistency and a smooth, silky mouthfeel, modern autoclave ovens and stainless steel mills are also employed in the production process. Every step is intentionally planned out to create the best-quality tequila possible.

A Taste of History

Each expression of Camarena tequila offers a complex tasting profile. Camarena Silver has a freshness with notes of toasted agave, vibrant citrus, and hints of green herbs. Camarena Reposado is barrel-aged and features the sweetness of natural agave and tobacco with layers of caramel and vanilla. With more time to rest in the barrel, Camarena Añejo is perfect for sipping neat. On the nose, you get nutmeg, toasted oak, and baked apple with a hint of citrus. Añejo brings out deeper flavors of rich vanilla and caramel, but also roasted sweet potato. 

Camarena tequilas are great for sipping neat or using to craft your ideal cocktail. They also pair perfectly with a variety of foods. Camarena Silver goes well with a myriad of fish preparations, from fried to grilled. Camarena Silver goes well with fish, and we are all for a holiday party with a DIY (fish) taco bar to even a sushi station. Camarena Resposado pairs nicely with spicy dishes and grilled meats or seafood.

You could also serve Reposado at a holiday brunch that features waffles and French toast. Camarena Añejo goes best with rich flavors, especially chocolate. Think of desserts with dark chocolate or caramel, such as molten lava cake or a sticky toffee pudding. It can even be enjoyed as a nightcap in a rocks glass with one large ice cube or served neat. 

The spirit of the holiday season draws people together. Just as La Reina del Silencio is a symbol of calling people to gather, a bottle of Camarena tequila is the perfect way to convene your community of friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate these festive moments and cherish the time with those you love.

This article is sponsored by Camarena.