So You Broke Your New Year's Resolutions: NOW WHAT?

If you’re like us, you’ve realized that only three weeks into the new year, your resolutions have already begun to slip lower and lower on your priority list. There’s just too much going on to also worry about that list of goals you meticulously wrote out on December 31.

But don’t worry — we’re here to help! No matter what your New Year’s resolutions were, we’re finding ways to get these goals back on your list. We’ve taken the drinking resolutions from our previous “7 New Year’s Drinking Resolutions You Can Actually Keep” and reassessed them into easy little life adjustments that could eventually lead to big changes. Cheers to 2017!

If your resolution was…

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Commit to Lighter Beverages

Yes, most of us here decided that we were going to swap out our multiple heavy beers for lower- calorie well drinks and sparkling wine options. However, when the craving for beer hits, it’s hard to ignore. Instead of cutting out beer whole hog, reassess this goal by alternating beverages during happy hour: one beer, one vodka soda. Balance is key.

Commit to Substitutions, Not Exclusions

Again, when the craving strikes, it’s hard to ignore. But let’s be honest here: Downing frozen margaritas and calorically dense IPAs can really kill a diet. Instead, look for lower-calorie options such as margaritas on the rocks or light beers. Substitute those 85 percent of the time. By allowing yourself the occasional indulgence, you’ll know that you’re working toward something when you resist overall.

Commit to Reasonable Exercise to Combat Calories

Ah, the usual exercise resolution that we all strive for and fail to keep. Easing into this one step-by- step (literally!) is key. Rather than shooting for many workout sessions per week, commit to something small, such as one weekly run and one weekly yoga class, for attainable, successful goals.

Commit to One Dry Day Per Week

If you’re a social butterfly, even committing to one dry day a week is a challenge. However, if you find an alcohol-free beverage that you actually enjoy, it’s not so hard to substitute the booze. Whether it’s treating yourself to a Diet Coke or ginger ale, giving yourself something to look forward to on your dry days makes achieving this goal much easier.

Commit to One Day A Week of Not Tracking Drinks

Here’s the thought: Just as the one dry day a week allows you to feel better about indulging, one indulgent day a week makes keeping to your resolutions that much easier on the other six. It’s a tried-and-true method. The indulgence fuels your self control and motivates you to keep going, since you know it’s only a few days until your next indulgence day, rather than that mythical day when you’re 10 pounds lighter.

Commit to One New Physical Activity Per Week

We understand that trying out a new sport or class at the gym can be intimidating. We recommend finding a buddy to do it with you! When you have someone else committed to a specific activity or goal, the likelihood of achieving that objective is much higher.

Commit to Understanding Servings and Portion Sizes

There’s nothing as frustrating as working hard at your goals and not seeing results, and often, portion size is the culprit. Here’s a primer to get you started. One shot = 1 to 1.5 oz. One serving of wine = 4 oz. One serving of beer = 12 oz. for bottle, 16 oz. for pint. You have to see these in actual glasses for this to make sense, of course, but knowing how much you’re actually drinking goes a long way toward staying on track.