Oktoberfest begins this Saturday, and as much as we would love to drop everything and zip straight over to Munich, it’s not written in the stars for those of us who have jobs and families and bank accounts to worry about. And sure, your local bar in your local city may have some festival or whatnot going on, but to be honest it’s just SO not the same.

Plus, it’s definitely better to take the party back to the house and bask in all the Oktoberfest greatness without all the creepy people looking at servers in costumes. So, grab some of your closest pals and turn your backyard into your own personal beer tent.

The Booze:


If you aren’t talking beer, I don’t wanna talk. Oktoberfest is all about beer, specifically Märzenbier. While the history of the beer is interesting (think using cold caves instead of a refrigerator), the real thing we’re worried about here is knocking some brews back.  We’re looking for a solid Oktoberfest beer and there’s an endless amount of options on the shelf.

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While Paulaner’s Oktoberfest-Märzen or  Spaten Oktoberfestbier are your best options, Brooklyn Brewery and Sierra Nevada both make solid beers that you can snatch on your way out of the grocery store.

The Food:


Holy schnitzel, where do we begin? Pretzels, bratwurst, sauerkraut, potatoes — it’s all so good and it’s all we ever wanted. The best way to set this one up for home is to simply lay it all out on the bar and let everybody go at it.

German Potato Salad: Forget the mayo-filled nonsense you’ve been eating at picnics. This warm and tangy potato salad will keep you drooling.

Pretzel Bites: Meet beer’s favorite snack. These pretzel bights are salty, slightly crunchy and full of steamy goodness inside.

Beer Brats: If you’ve got the grill fired up, go for it. But if the weather isn’t in your favor or you’re just slightly lazy like me (sue me, I hate dishes) throw these bratwurst in the slow cooker with a bottle of beer and you’re good to go.

The Music:

ETIENjones / Shutterstock.com

Better get some flashcards and start studying because no Oktoberfest is complete without Ein Prosit. It’s THE Oktoberfest song and yes, the more beer consumed the better this song will go. Along with that, you’re going to want to queue some oompah (think polka but WAY more brass) music to your Spotify playlist. Don’t forget some “Sweet Caroline” because even the Germans can’t resist it after a few too many brews.

The State of Mind:


Originally an event commemorating  a royal marriage, Oktoberfest is all about celebrating. Like all good modern holidays, we’ve managed to make it all about good booze and food (#BLESSED). While you’re at it, dress the part.

For The Gentlemen: Bavarian Costume

For The Ladies: Dirndl Dress

Accessorize Yo’ Self: Alpine Hat

For The Selfies:  Handheld Costume Props