Who Will Get Brad and Angelina's Miraval Rose?
Image Courtesy of Yahoo.com

It’s official: Brangelina is over. But before you ask what happened and why, let’s focus on the more important question at hand: who gets the winery?

Chateau Miraval, AKA, Brangelina Estate, is situated in Correns, France, in the heart of Provence. The estate covers a whopping 500 hectares in the south of France, sprawling over a landscape of olive trees and Mediterranean vegetation. The estate itself is where Brangie exchanged vows in 2014, during a small, private ceremony, featuring their six kids. The winery’s blessing of success clearly favored bottles over nuptials that particular year, as the popularity of their flagship wine, Chateau Miraval Rosé, continued to rise in various international markets.

Four wines are produced at the estate: two whites, one red, and their infamous Chateau Miraval Rosé, one of the top selling wines on the market–making them the most successful celebrity winery-owning couple in the biz. In 2012, Chateau Miraval partnered with Famille Perrin; consequently, that same year, Chateau Miraval Rosé won Wine Spectator’s award for best rosé in the world. The vines are tended organically, without use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals. The clay and chalk soils that compose the vineyard sites are ideal for water retention, producing high-quality, healthy grapes.

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The estate also boasts a recording studio, installed by previous owner Jacques Loussier, a French jazz pianist. The recording studio has seen the likes of Sting, the Cranberries, and Pink Floyd over the past four decades. Tom Bove, former owner of the estate, included a spa, two gyms, and an indoor swimming pool/spa area. Pas mal, indeed.

While Jolie is seeking full physical custody of their six children, who will be the one to take custody of their estate? Judging from her French-Canadian nationality, we’re assuming that all bets are on her. However, considering Pitt’s 2014 interview with Wine Spectator, his involvement in farming and winemaking practices at the estate could really give her a run for her money. All we know thus far regarding their prenuptial agreement right now is that any revenue earned as a married couple will go into a trust for their children, split evenly six ways. Look out, France, you may just be on your way to boasting the most culturally diverse winery in the world.

According to the New York Post, Miraval has quietly been on the market for a few months; locals have been told that they’d be breaking up, hence the reason for selling.