For many individuals, Zoom has become a part of everyday life. The video conference app is now a go-to meeting place for work calls, family check-ins, or even a private yoga class. And for us? It’s also facilitated the age of virtual happy hour.

During social distancing, the sacred tradition of drinking with friends is thriving, and Zoom has made it easy to share the experience of at-home cocktails with friends online. Here, we present you with a stylish alternative to letting everyone see your bedroom walls: backgrounds by VinePair that bring drinks-themed panache to your next digital drinking date.

Raise a glass, have a laugh, and remember that even when we’re apart, we can be together in spirit(s).

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1. For the Wine Lover

2. For the Spirits Savant

3. For the Draft Beer Devotee

4. For the Hops Homie

5. For the VinePair Virtuoso

6. For the Dedicated Drinker

7. For the Happy Hour Hopeful

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9. For the Summertime Spirit