Nick, Staff Writer — Heady Topper from The Alchemist at Alphabet City Beer Co.

I got to try Heady Topper for the first time on Thursday night at Alphabet City Beer Co. in Manhattan. I often get a feeling of impending disappointment when I finally get my hands on an super hyped drink, and this time was no different (actually got that feeling twice, since they had Focal Banger too). I wasn’t disappointed despite the never ending praise on beer blogs and Sam Riches’ definitive story for Longreads on what makes Heady Topper great. Some things are hyped for a reason — because they’re really, really good.

Sam, Marketing Director — Negroni at Chez Ma Tante

I had a perfectly balanced and super refreshing Negroni from Chez Ma Tante in Greenpoint this week that reaffirmed my love for the cocktail. It paired really well with the exquisite steak tartare my friends and I shared as an appetizer.

Courtney, Tasting Editor — Boulevardier at Attaboy

The Boulevardier is my favorite cocktail of all time – in fact, it’s the only cocktail that I regularly stock my bar cart for (side note: I really need to up my bar cart game). A Negroni with bourbon instead of gin, it’s richer and softer and just the right thing after a particularly tough shift. So when I finally made it to Attaboy, one of New York’s most iconic cocktail bars, after work one night, I had to see just how much better their their Boulevardier was than my often impatiently-made version. I can attest – all that stirring is definitely worth it. The giant block of ice makes the cocktail!

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