America’s Most Popular Regional Candies [MAP]

Americans have a major sweet tooth, especially when it comes to candy. They love it so much that, on average, U.S. citizens consume roughly eight pounds of the stuff every year. And while massive brands like Snickers, Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Skittles tend to dominate sales both domestically and internationally, the U.S. is home to many beloved candy brands with cult followings in their home regions.

To discover which candy brands are most beloved across the country, VinePair did a deep dive to determine which sweets originated where and their level of popularity. And while some brands are now owned by Hershey’s (like Jolly Ranchers and Almond Joy) and other parent companies, their origins keep them firmly linked to their home states.

Aside from those owned by large corporations, many of these regional candies have also secured fans across state borders. Take saltwater taffy, for example, which was first created at the Jersey Shore but has since become practically synonymous with summer in the Northeast. Other treats, like California-born taffy bar Abba-Zaba, have maintained a quieter following and are incredibly difficult to track down outside their places of origin.

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Curious to learn what candies are native to your home region? Check out our map below for VinePair’s comprehensive map of the United States’ favorite regional candy brands.

Click the map to see a full-sized version! 

America’s Favorite Regional Candy Brands [MAP]

Regional Candy Brands by State

Alabama: Divinity
Arizona: Cactus Candy
California: Abba-Zaba
Colorado: Jolly Ranchers
Connecticut: Almond Joy
Florida: Coconut Patties
Georgia: Bobs
Idaho: Idaho Spud
Illinois: Baby Ruth
Indiana: Abbott’s Candies
Iowa: Twin Bing
Kansas: Valomilk
Kentucky: Blue Monday
Louisiana: Pralines
Maine: Needhams
Maryland: Fudge
Massachusetts: Charleston Chew
Minnesota: Milky Way
Missouri: Pixy Stix
Nebraska: Bakers Candies
New Jersey: Saltwater Taffy
New York: Sponge Candy
North Carolina: Red Bird Puffed Peppermints
North Dakota: Chippers
Ohio: Buckeyes
Pennsylvania: Hershey’s Chocolate
Tennessee: Goo Goo Cluster
Virginia: Peanut Brittle
Wisconsin: Candy Raisins

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