The Ultimate Glassware Guide

Picture this: The scene is set. Candles are lit, soft music is playing, and his/her favorite bottle of wine is sitting on the table. All is ready to go and you finally breathe a sigh of relief — until you realize you don’t have any nice glassware for the occasion. On any other day, drinking booze out of a souvenir coffee mug or plastic cup with your college’s emblem across the front is totally acceptable. But something about sipping wine from a decade-old mug seems like a bit of a buzzkill tonight.

Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! Check out these five stunning glassware sets to impress your loved ones, and any other guest you may have in your home in the near future. You’ll thank us later.

Optic Twist Wine Glasses

Best Glassware Set

These gorgeous optic twist wine glasses don’t only make your table look better; they actually improve the wine inside. The swirling motion of the glass allows oxygen to circulate within, opening up the wine and allowing its aromas and flavors to come out more prominently. The glasses are domestically made; they are hand-blown in Chicago. Grab a set and impress your lover!

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Beer Chemistry Pint Glasses

Beer Glassware Guide

Did you know there are eight molecules in beer that make up the beverage you love so dearly? These 16-ounce glasses are perfect for the beer lover, science nerd, or beer-loving science nerd in your life. Hey, when it comes to suds, we all geek out a little. Dishwasher safe.

Bronze Rim Crystal Tumblers

Cocktail Glasses

Serve up your next round of happy hour cocktails in these Midcentury Modern-design crystal tumblers for chic, fashionable sipping. These bronze-trimmed tumblers hold eight ounces and look killer on any bar cart. The stainless steel construction assures these glasses are made to last.

Geometric Crystal Tumblers

Best Glassware Guide

These geometric tumblers can fit up to 11 ounces of your favorite spirit. They’re perfect for those long days at the office where you really need to take the edge off. Each set contains two gorgeous crystal tumblers, making even your least expensive bottle on the shelf feel classy. The Midcentury Modern design adds a touch of flare to any sipping occasion.

Star Chart Stemless Wine Glass

Five Stunning Glassware Sets to Impress Your Valentine

It’s said that Dom Perignon uttered the phrase, “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” Create your own Dom Perignon-esque moment with this set of shimmery star glassware. Each glass depicts the night sky, one in summer and one in winter, in metallic gold ink, causing the glasses to shimmer in the light and avoid scratches. Holds up to 15 ounces and is dishwasher safe. Handmade in America.