Whether you’ll be spending Father’s Day at a family barbecue, or toasting father figures of all kinds from the comfort of your local bar, there’s no reason you shouldn’t drink like a pro. That’s why VinePair asked 10 beverage professionals what they’ll be pouring on Father’s Day.

“I’m a bourbon drinker but my father loves his Scotch, so I’d probably find a good Highlands or Speyside Scotch that we could both enjoy together while sitting on the back porch telling stories. His favorite is Glenlivet 18 year, and I think if I could be with him this year on Father’s Day, I might just indulge him!” — Nikki Ledbetter, Beverage Manager, Upland, New York, NY

“Since I’ll be grilling some meat, I’m going to go with Sangiovese. Specifically, I’m gonna dig deep into the cellar and open up Stella di Campalto 2013 Brunello di Montalcino. Hands down one of the greatest producers in the region, Stella produces wines with great delicacy and balance. Always a special treat to taste her wine!” — Sam Rethmeier, Wine Director at République, Los Angeles, CA

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“Father’s Day is about beer for me. I’m loving the Threes Brewing lineup from Brooklyn! Drink local!” — Rebecca Banks, Beverage Director, Augustine, New York, NY

“For Father’s Day I’m drinking Qu’est-ce que c’est Aligoté. Produced in Burgundy by Domaine Moutard-Diligent, this hazy, yeasty, and citrus-forward Aligoté is a beer drinker’s wine. Perfect for porch drinking with dad.” — Terry Quire, Bar Manager, Couvant, New Orleans, LA

“Father’s Day was dumpling day. Steaming pockets of dough filled with ground pork, shrimp, and green onion dipped in ginger-y black vinegar go perfectly with Pinot Blanc for a white option and Pinot Noir for a red. Robert Sinskey’s 2015 Los Carneros Pinot Blanc and 2014 Napa Pinot Noir are perfect pairs.” — DeAnn Wong, Wine Director, Momotaro, Chicago, IL

“Father’s Day I will be drinking 2017 Domaine Ledogar ‘La Mariole’ Carignan from the Languedoc. This wine is complex with full, deep dark fruits, a light mouthfeel, nice tannins, and vibrant long finish. Anyone in the family will find this wine interesting and approachable.” — Jordan Young, Beverage Director, Atrium, Los Angeles, CA

“Father’s Day would be Aligoté. Typically Guy Amiot et Fils Bourgogne. It’s approachable, not sweet, and it makes my father feel fancy.” — Dayna Barnes, General Manager, GT Fish & Oyster, Chicago, IL

“Father’s Day is associated with a strong figure in our lives. I would choose a red wine that is fuller in body, bold in tannins, supple in fruit with some spice notes. One of my favorite Cabernet Sauvignons that best represents the above is the 2012 Ovilos by Biblia Chora.” — Dimitri Zafeiropoulos, Sommelier, Estiatorio Milos, New York, NY

“For me, Father’s Day conjures images of outdoor grilling, freshly cut grass and California Cabernet — a style favored by many baby boomers, my dad included. So, in the spirit of Father’s Day, I will be in the sunshine (weather permitting), grilling burgers, and drinking the 2017 Broc Cellars ‘Le Clairet.’ A lighter expression of your typical California Cab, this wine shows fresh, red berry fruit, balanced acidity, and beautiful texture. Especially nice with a little chill on a summer day.” — Josh Perlman, General Manager and Beverage Director, Giant, Chicago, IL

“My dad loves a good steak, so I’d pop a great Bordeaux. I’ve got a 1999 Château Kirwan that would kill it with a ribeye.” — Rick Arline, Sommelier, auburn, Los Angeles, CA