Seasonal drinking is America’s most accessible pastime. We are a 357.5-million-strong collective, and yet everyone of age tends to crave the exact same beverages simultaneously. We want stouts and Hot Toddies in the winter, start sipping rosé come spring, and can’t wait to crack into ice-cold beers at summer cookouts.

There is exactly one time of year when it (maybe) makes sense to drink green beer, and it’s March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day).

VinePair polled industry professionals, examined menus, and took long, hard looks at our own boozy proclivities to create this calendar of American drinking occasions.

Of course, if you want to chase a Memorial Day hot dog with first-growth Bordeaux in crystal stemware, don’t let us stop you. Let this serve as a guidepost to a year’s worth of good times and great drinks.

What America Drinks Every Day of the Year