The 10 Best Boozy Bachelorette Party Destinations in America

Every bride gets one last burst of freedom before her big day. It’s filled with friends, travel, and alcohol. It’s iconic and unforgettable. It’s a time for nothing but a good time. It is, obviously, the bachelorette party weekend.

Not all destinations are created equal — especially when it comes to the best spots to go out on the town. Here are the best American cities for a drink-filled bachelorette party.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Bachelorette Party
Photo via f11photo / Shutterstock

It’s nearly impossible to walk through downtown Nashville without seeing a woman in a bachelorette party sash. It’s common for a reason. Nashville is loaded with live music, bars, and honky-tonks. Escape the crowds of downtown (although those have a charm of their own) and hit Printer’s Alley and the Five Points neighborhood in East Nashville.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Bachelorette Party

New Orleans isn’t all about Mardi Gras and beads. Granted, there are always beads on Bourbon Street if wild abandon is the vibe you’re looking for. There’s also live music and plenty of places to get a little crazy with one too many hand grenades. What makes it an ideal bachelorette party location, though, is the mix of crazy and sophisticated. Head to the French Quarter and indulge in some of the best food in the country.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party
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If you need a trip that you can fantasize about forever, you need Vegas. Glitz, glam, and a version of pretty much every single activity you can think of. Thunder Down Under, anyone? Vegas plays host to an endless amount amount of clubs and bars where you can gather with your girls and just dance if watching real-life Magic Mike isn’t your thing.

Miami, Florida

 Miami Bachelorette Party

When you think of Miami, you think of sunshine and freedom. Bars all over the city offer deals for groups of women and are more than happy to have your bachelorette party stop by. Cruise down South Beach and let loose: shopping and beach life in the day, party at night.

Napa, California

Napa Bachelorette Party

Perhaps partying all night isn’t something you consider fun. If that’s the case, head over to Napa wine country and live the life of luxury for a few days. Drink some of the best wines in the country, stroll through vineyards, and take your time at a bed and breakfast. If you want something a little more rural, head over to Sonoma where the wines are just as good but the crowds are not as large.

San Diego, California

San Diego Bachelorette Party

Southern California is perfect for the beach girl who loves both relaxed wine events and all-night parties. A string of beach bars along some of the best coastline in America, paired with some of the best breweries and delicious wine tastings? Sign us up.

Vail, Colorado

Vail Bachelorette Party

Winter escapes don’t have to be all about sunshine, and bachelorette parties don’t have to be all about phallic shaped everything. It’s your weekend; celebrate it how you want to. Go to Vail and hit the spa and the slopes. Spend a day in Denver first if your preferred substance is leafy and green (there’s no legal marijuana in Vail).

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Old San Juan Bachelorette Party

You don’t have to travel far to get a taste of something new. Old San Juan is a little like a Puerto Rican Brooklyn with speakeasies, hip bars, and historical charm. Stroll through colorful buildings during the day and hit the bars at night (just don’t forget the bug spray).

Austin, Texas

Austin Bachelorette Party

Keep it weird in Austin for your bachelorette party. Stay near 6th Street and stay happy along one of the best nightlife strips in the country. For something a little different, stay at a boutique hotel, go to Midtown, and eat until you can’t move. Then take a nap, hit the spa, and relax.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston Bachelorette Party

Rent a house on Folly Beach, Sullivan’s Island, or in Charleston if you’ve got a big bachelorette crew with you. Spend a day at the spa and then eat dinner at a true Southern shrimp boil. There are plenty of bars to hit for a rooftop drink and party atmosphere in the Market Area, and cute coffee shops for the morning after if the night gets away from you.