Election Drinks

As the election comes to a close and both candidates decamp to their headquarters, it’s time to party. Whether in celebration or in defeat, the candidates (aside from Trump, who as you may know is a teetotaler) and their supporters are going to need a drink to get through the night.

Trumps Cash BarThe campaigns have obliged, though one is making it a lot easier than the other for their supporters to get a little loose this election night. While both candidates are offering a cash bar – apparently the donation money so many people have pledged to both candidates won’t be used to offer unlimited drinks – one cash bar is much more expensive. At the Hilton in New York where Trump’s team is awaiting the results, drinks are quite pricey, according to a photo circulating on Twitter: a soda costs $7, a domestic beer is $10, an imported beer is $11 and a mixed drink or wine is a steep $13. Though Trump refrains from drinking, he owns a wine brand, so one would think he’d be willing to give his supporters a break on booze on a night that is looking to be a bit tough for him. No such luck.

Across town at the Javits Center on the other hand, Hillary Clinton’s team seem to have opened an ironic dive bar in Williamsburg at the Javits Center, offering Budweiser tall boys to supporters for a mere $6 a beer. While that may still seem steep to most of the country, trust us, in Manhattan, that price for a 16oz beer is a steal.

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One thing we can glean from this info? Clinton supporters are probably going to be quite jolly when the candidate takes the stage, while over at Trump HQ, supporters will either be bitter and sober or angry at how much it cost to get a slight buzz or they’re just too rich to care.