People like to drink at weddings. With this fact more or less common knowledge at this point, the onus is on the couple to have a decent alcohol situation at the reception. Depending on your wedding priorities, this could mean different things. For those who care more about the florals and decor, maybe this means a Champagne toast, house wine, and well drinks. Or for those who care more about booze, you might prioritize carefully pre-batched cocktails made to spec, top-shelf spirits, and a curated wine selection. At the very least, there should be an open bar.

For those who fall into the latter category of beverage enthusiasts, let’s say, having a different wine list or special bottle for yourselves and the wedding party isn’t unreasonable. Weddings are expensive and providing rare whiskey and/or fine wine for everyone can easily push things over budget — especially when there are some guests who clearly go for quantity over quality. But if it matters to you, picking a few nicer bottles for a smaller, more intimate group (provided you’re all sitting at the same table) can be a special touch for those you’re closest with. Plus it’s your wedding day! And you should celebrate how you want. But take care to be discreet about it. For those other guests who might enjoy a good 18-year-old Scotch or grand cru Burgundy, seeing a wedding party member bragging about drinking one might not leave the best impression, especially if they’re stuck with well whiskey and the house red.

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