The airport can be a stressful place, but if you’re lucky enough to have access to a lounge, free drinks are just one of the many perks it offers. Of course, unless you’re there because a very generous friend brought you along, lounge access is something you’re likely paying for in one way or another. So should you tip on the amenities that come included? Or is free food and bev just part of the experience?

As with all tipping, whether or not you do it is entirely at your discretion. And while there usually won’t be a tab to leave a tip on — unless you’re paying to upgrade from well options — there are surely ways to leave a few dollars to whomever is working the bar, be it an actual bartender or an airline employee pouring drinks. So if you’re the type of person who likes to take advantage of the open bar at the airport lounge (as in, you have two or more drinks), you might consider bringing along some cash on your next trip for the employees who help make the lounge experience the pleasant retreat that it is.

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