In many parts of the country, to-go beers are somewhat of a rarity thanks to pretty restrictive alcohol laws. But, if you’re in one of the states that does allow you to purchase beers to go from a bar, consider yourself lucky — and leave a tip as a thank you.

While you might balk at the suggestion, consider this: If the bartender poured a beer from the tap and served it to you to drink at the bar, you’d tip a dollar or two. So why would you resist tipping just because you plan to drink the beer in a different location? And if you’re not just ordering a pint or two to go, but a whole growler, think of the time it takes for the bartender to fill it — time that they could have been using to serve additional patrons. Leaving a tip is a nice gesture to the person who is expertly filling your vessel so you can enjoy fresh draft beer at home.

If you’re simply buying a closed 6-pack at the bar to take home, you’re probably also paying a premium on the liquid that’s steeper than you would at a store. Here I don’t think a tip is mandatory, but if you are still pleased with the service, it’s a nice thing to do.

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